Live2D demonstration

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  • GeahkBurchill reply This is really interesting. I had been building a character in Photoshop which I wasn't sure if I would animate. Originally I figured I would just do a bunch of static poses (similar to IHE's early videos on YouTube) but I got really into creating every little part so that I now have a catalog of roughly 35 poses. After seeing this, I may abandon the poses I've created and go for full animation instead. The possibilities are really exciting.
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply It looks absolutely amazing so far! I really like your style! I got Live 2D myself, but haven't had time to test it out. You've made me want to take it up again. It could be fun to use for live-streaming as such. I don't like to show my real face, so why not a cartoon version instead? :D
    • [ – ] DavidBrowne parent reply Thanks! I originally made my succubus character for use with FaceRig. Live2D is a great program.
      • Hoshi-Hana parent reply You're welcome! Your succubus looks incredible! I understand why you'd want to use her for FaceRig. Then I'll look forward to try it out. :D
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