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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I classify my online friends as just as important as my real life friends. It's kind of weird because I don't know most of their real names but when you spend years hanging around people online, telling jokes, sharing smiles, and enjoying interests together they're just as cool as people you spend time with off the computer. A factor that I find interesting is when they're from a completely different lifestyle and country from you. I have a buddy that is from Romania and was at the protests they were having these past few weeks where it got to over 5% of the country was protesting. If I didn't know him such a thing wouldn't be near as personally investing because he's a great dude and I was genuinely worried that the protests wouldn't turn violent so he didn't get hurt. Puts things into perspective. Great video man. :D
    • TheSlothEmperor parent reply Meeting people online is great because you get to experience so many other cultures and different points of view even if you've never met the person in real life. Glad you enjoyed pal, if you want to see more; check out my YouTube channel :)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply IRL many factors play, like you must be friends with someone because they live in your area or you are in the same class. But the good thing about the internet, is that you can pinpoint and find people who you can really relate. The internet is one big ass campus, and all the subreddits/games/video are different classes that you are free to join and find people.
  • [ – ] spicytots reply i love all my online friends. every single one of them. they dont exist. i dont have friends.
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