TMNT IV Pt. 1: Big Apple, 3 AM

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  • [ – ] AMXGaming reply nice i love this game i played it as a very young pup, loved it than, love it now...awesome commentary very enjoyable. had a great time watching, very nicely done fellas
    • [ – ] RetroRevelations parent reply Thank you for the kind words! These are early videos we did, rougher editing etc., before I really got the hang of things and learned what I was doing. As for the game, yeah it's awesome. My fav. is the original arcade game, but it's cool that both the NES port of that, and this SNES port of Turtles in Time, had extra levels/content! However, an odd thing we noticed when later playing the arcade version of TiT, is that there are some differences, and there are specifically elements that didn't make it in the SNES port, but DID make it in the Genesis game, Hyperstone Heist. Very odd, but cool. Cheers!
      • AMXGaming parent reply wow early vids....they still look good i enjoyed em very much, to be honest i didn'y know about differences i only played the snes version, but thats cool learned something new today
  • Scratch_Paper_Games reply Great game! I own several classic systems but I haven't played this one in many many years. Takes me back :)
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