Alternate History: What if Project Mayhem Actually Happened?

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply I see it as without the banking system & the stock market, the rich will be on borrowed time simply for the fact that the only things of value will be what keeps you alive. Food, water, a secure shelter, and a way to protect these items is what will be considered valuable. Once supplies are depleted all urban urban areas will become deathtraps, as no one will risk bringing supplies in as money will have lost it's perceived value. The prepers and militias will be the only ones possibly able to ride it out long term. I kinda picture it as mad Max( the original), slowly morphing into "the road". The only thing that could keep any sort of civil order would be a take over by a dominant foreign military force, perhaps China, as the UN is totally unprepared for such an event and would be inefficient to the point of counterproductive uselessness.
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