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  • [ – ] Vipersword100 reply These kids will suffer so much mistrust. Especially Cody. The mental abuse going on as well as the physical, I'm surprised none of them have snapped.
  • BenjiJames reply i saw Daniels stream and holy shit, immediately started putting something together. These people are fucked as, @SuitYourself ... putting it lightly, their channel needs to be taken down, and these parents need to be put in their place. I feel so bad for Cody and the rest of the kids. The older ones seem to be already at the stage of where they have no idea what is right and wrong and will do things to escalated the situation for their own fun without a care in the world.
  • D0wntym reply Damn I almost shut this video off I couldn't watch the actual channel. Just terrible.
  • ForNoGoodReason reply Oh they were monetized? Christ.
  • Boodang reply I'm seeing red. This is Auschwitz for these children. These parents need to be shot on sight for the cause of justice.
  • shamkoze reply wow, your rants are so cool and so true. 1 sub to you
  • Directionally_Challenged reply "You can't exploit your family" tell that to the jacksons.
  • Staplez reply It's mental abuse.
  • NominalGiant reply I saw this covered on another channel and it sickened me. I was abused as a kid, everyone in my intimidate family that I was supposed to love and trust abused me and it screwed me up, if they aren't stopped and those kids aren't helped there is and an EXTREMELY high chance those kids will grow up fucked in the head, especially that little boy. That video wrecked....Those people need to be stopped.
  • draconath reply I feel for cody. I went and watched a few videos before i felt rage at this horrible human treating his kids this way.
  • BenjiJames reply Downloaded so many of their videos thus far... this is taking forever. However, i have definitely found some incriminating shit that they definitely can't turn a blind eye to.
  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply All he is doing is teaching them how the world fucking works. This kids will be prepared to fight the coming crusade unlike the wimp ass tree hugging kids you people would raise if you even have any.
    • Perseus_Gold parent reply Every one of you would be shitting your pants on the streets of Paris or Berkeley today but these kids are going to to be ready for that world.
  • AgitatedFerret7 reply I saw Phillip Defranco's video about this channel and I agree, this constitutes child abuse.
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