Why Hajime no ippo (Fighting spirit) is a GREAT ANIME!

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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Love this show. Takamura's entrance wearing the bear skin is one of my favorate moments in all of anime. If you like this you'll love Baki the grappler too.
    • [ – ] JustAnOpinion parent reply Yeah I mean he punched a freaking bear haha!!!! I Don't think I can wait for the next release for the anime. Probably gonna read the manga. What a incredible series! Thanx for the recommendation. only recently got into sports anime. watching Slam dunk at the moment.
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply I'll have to check Slam dunk out. I'm not in to basketball but anime has an amazing ability to make me care about things I never thought I could give a shit about.
        • JustAnOpinion parent reply True that Slam Dunk is a very old anime, still incredible. Kuroko no Basket is the perfect example of a anime that would make you like basketball even though the sport itself is not exciting!
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