MGTOW Is Being Purged From YouTube

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  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply They are also automatically unsubscribing under 18 year old from non-ad friendly channels.
    • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield parent reply So we are watching the downfall of YouTube, eh? It is the beginning of the end of that platform.
      • [ – ] Perseus_Gold parent reply Normies will still go there for there cancerous channels but anyone with worthwhile no-basic bitch style content will branch out. Maybe they won't leave entirely butnthey won't rely on it.
        • RPGenius parent reply Look at MySpace, it was once the leading social media platform, and now its a ghost town for hipster musicians. Youtube will just degenerate into the internet's equivalent to cable television.
    • angrymgtow parent reply Great point
    • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming parent reply Yesh they demolitions a friend's video of mine cause he was talking about valerian root. It was something along the lines of a sponsor or something disproved the content of his video. Soon youtube will be all Disney, Fox news and CNN lol
  • KayRay reply It seems that MGTOW is getting to be a problem for all those social engineers out there as we grow bigger and get seriously. I was a MGTOW for 4 years now even before I noticed that there was a name for it. It was more or less fortune to find you guys on youtube. Angry, I like your stuff. Keep on fighting!
  • BobbyB1 reply It's to late for them to attack us. Trump is in office getting rid of there benefits. And MGTOW is already off and running
  • Sebastian_Dangerfield reply Angry, this e-mail reads like typical boilerplate to me. Just a standard form letter that they copy and paste and send out to YouTube content creators. In short, they're just blowing smoke up your ass. Let's be real here, does anyone really believe that they will do any follow up on this? Sounds like bullshit to me.
  • jamy2j07 reply That's say funny u heard of Tommy n Oshay lol I got banned from Tommys live chat I feel honored!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  • [ – ] Glassic_Gamer reply vid.me is in its early stages I hope one day it surpasses YouTube and gets properly funded by advertisements, so creators can make a living at it.
    • SeanShadowBlood parent reply I'd leave it the way it is, advertisers are the one's who are causing youtube's downfall to begin with -well, mostly them- the rest I blame on the government, if ads came to vid me, it could lead vidme into the same road as youtube- hope I'm wrong because that would be terrible- but it's how it could actually go.
  • SomethingNewNow reply YouTube is over, besides being a HUGE YouTuber myself & working with very famous YouTubers, my connections with numerous CEO's of MCN's, etc. they all say & we all agree YouTube as we used to know it, that is over now... Watch my first 4 videos for more information on what happened to me... I wish all of you only the best in all that you do! Tim Clark (SNN), CEO Of Something New Now Media Promotions
  • TheMichaelJShow reply MGTOW's are purging themselves of YouTube. Personally I followed the lead of many other MGTOW men and unsubscribed from almost all the MANY channels I was subscribed to. YouTube is a dying platform. Places like VidMe are the future.
  • gabmcking reply the one thing that they can't stand is on the net there stats,fact and view count that prove that nobody give a shit about them and that really hurt there idiology but most of all there ego. another thing is that they can't stand that they got to beg for money(foundation,reserche found,think tank,subsidy) like the good little whore tht there are (and it's not just women in that groupe) back in the day if your grass was green they would try to get a bigger green grass for them now they just gang up to piss on your grass cause they can't do shit right
  • PhoenixRising reply If someone can come up with a list of youtube feminist channels that hate men, please list. I can start flagging back. As much as I don't want to, it appears to be the only option at this point.
  • GoMGTOW reply I hope MGTOW 101 comes over to Vidme... One of my fave MGTOW channels.
  • [ – ] Eheroduelist reply You are living proof of horseshoe theory. The adpocalypse is affecting everyone you narcissistic chucklefuck lmfao You're not being attacked because muh Matriarchy, everyone is getting fucked because YouTube is trying to be as kid-friendly as possible so it can get advertising revenue back.
    • [ – ] ThePreppiestMGTOW parent reply Lel. Before all the PC feminist horseshite YT was doing fine, and this content was already present on the website. Suddenly, a woman is head of YT, YT crumbles... It is a fact, sheep. It is a feminist/communist agenda, same with Stasibook, just try and state facts regarding how men are treated in divorce courts. You will be banned for being a conservative over there.
      • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply News flash, as much as I, also an anti-SJW, despise the cancerous regressive behavior of the Far Left, everyone is getting hit with the lack of ad rev. It's important to engage situations honestly rather than mimic the behaviors of those we ideologically oppose
        • [ – ] ThePreppiestMGTOW parent reply We do not mimic anybody, since we do not think collectively, MGTOW is about self-preservation, we have the right to speak our minds, we do not, however, impose our will upon others as feminazis do. MGTOE is winning, get over it, cuck.
          • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply You just keep telling yourself that while you scream at the mirror of Social Justice about how oppressed you are.
            • [ – ] ThePreppiestMGTOW parent reply And why does that bother you to the point of infiltrating our channels to tell us that? Don't wanna join us, go about your days, serve the plantation. You have no business here, you shall convince no one with your shaming tactics. We are impervious to such feminine ways of dealing with problems. Farewell.
  • PoopsOnShitheads reply i want to leave america now. i can continue my bachelors in siberia or armenia or kazakhstan fuck this country. they are destroying themselves and anyone is a bastard any given day of the week.
  • Sebastian_Dangerfield reply It's not just MGTOW that is being censored. Any political channels that discuss or debate issues such as the Israel - Palestine conflic, Syria, alt-right and immigration, etc. are censored and demonetized, also. The trend seems to be that we cannot criticize: 1) Jews, and 2) Females. Which philosopher said, "To know who rules over you, just find out who it is that you are not allowed to criticize."
  • [ – ] TheCarelessVoice reply I just can't agree with an ideology that believes most (if not all) women are evil leeches. All MGTOW does is put lonely white men in a dark corner of depression. Women are not the issue. It's the social standard put on women that is the issue.
    • [ – ] Sebastian_Dangerfield parent reply TheCarelessVoice - Women are not evil. A lion is not evil, but it will kill you. A cobra will bite you because it's in it's nature, but it's not evil. You are making a strawman argument here. MGTOW, at least most MGTOW, do not argue that women are evil. Read some introductory evolutionary psychology. I recommend anything by David Buss. You need to learn how male and female nature is very different, and that males and females have very different interests.
      • [ – ] n0sqix parent reply Next time you're smashing a puss remember that one on the discovery channel with the female praying mantis chopping off the males head while fucking him. Same genetic function, our society just dictates them be vastly more deceptive in the practice.
      • [ – ] TheCarelessVoice parent reply I understand that men and women are fundamentally different on all levels (physical, mental, etc). However, I have seen a lot of MGTOW shit over the years (especially on /r9k/) that demonizes women for their nature. Women are receivers, and men are providers. This makes them naturally more self-centered, and needy. Is that bad? No, I don't think so. Now if a woman is a straight out narcissist, then yeah, she's no good. However, it seems like all MGTOW does is report on all these over-the-top asshole women and try to lump all women together.
        • [ – ] ThePreppiestMGTOW parent reply Marry them then wait. We've warned you, sheep.
          • [ – ] TheCarelessVoice parent reply That's a terribly flawed way of thinking. A smart man doesn't marry whores or sluts. It's only common sense that in the worst cases, those women are nuts-o. However there are plenty of people who go through divorces smoothly. Take me for example: I didn't marry a crazy whore. She just turned out to be a bit too power seeking. My vision for the future didn't match hers so we went our seperate ways. No hassle. No misery. See? Not everything is so black and white.
            • [ – ] jaykstill parent reply you cant talk for all white men you don't see the feminist bias and anti white male propaganda that they push for a generation you saw the pussy hat march it was all about anti white male anti right wing propaganda all feminist white women push anti white male propaganda how cant you see it its all over the net so get the fuk out u and yor bald head open your eyes stop the simping kid
              • [ – ] TheCarelessVoice parent reply You guys are fucking lost. Wow. How does one become so warped so easily? It amazes me.
                • WebNoob parent reply I'm trying to figure this out too, it's fascinating.
                • [ – ] GeahkBurchill parent reply Don't come to AngryMGTOW's channel and expect rationality. The man is cancer and he doesn't represent MGTOW. I think the best way to think about what MGTOW really is, is that of the 'man on the mountain' clichΓ©. The Guru isn't coming down off the mountain to defend his way of life. He is content to be apart, as an observer, and maybe not even that. The man on the mountain is there for his own reasons. He is free. He has no one to justify himself to. If you climb the mountain to ask him a question, he may not answer you or he may not have an answer. He may not care. This is the same for the true WGTOW, by the way. The guru on the mountain can just as well be anyone. There is nothing inherently masculine about freedom or intellectual curiosity, though there are likely to be fewer women who take that path than men, it's far from barred to them.
                  • [ – ] TheCarelessVoice parent reply In your world that may be true, but here in reality the "guru on the mountain" is really just a fat codger shooing women off his front porch. He does it rather loudly, and wishes for others to share his misery. That's MGTOW in a nutshell.
                    • GeahkBurchill parent reply True MGTOW aren't online, complaining, like the weasel who made this video. Naturally, if you see a MGTOW online, they are likely to be the loud and stupid ones.
            • [ – ] Alpine parent reply all women are whores. in your story, you got lucky you escaped, that she chose not to destroy you. that she chose. you see, she had all the power, and at a whim she could have destroyed you. and who knows, even a few years from now, long after you went your own way, she could get it in her head to destroy you.
              • TheCarelessVoice parent reply They're acting just like the femnazis they hate so much. It's almost as sad as Antifa acting like facists.
              • ThePreppiestMGTOW parent reply Even in his own story he admits he got away because the cunt took pity in him but she still holds the key to his liberty! A proud slave, men, look at him! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
  • jp9605 reply Youtube can huff and puff on content creators, but they will never blow MGTOW down. MGTOW will continue to grow like wild fire. Women better get used to being lonely like the fuckin' whores they have been for the past 40 to 50 years. Take a shit in your own beds you made for yourselves and "tolerate" your loneliness. I am an extremely "tolerant" MGTOW.
  • John_Sheppard reply youtube is kill it self, just like feminists
  • Insidio reply Came to me Human Prostituta, IS WAR
  • MGTOW_MANINAZI reply Man Shoots ex-wife during news interview. Channel: horror stories. Youtube
  • MrNeva reply Is crazy
  • SeanShadowBlood reply Youtube is censoring not only MGTOW but pretty much ANYTHING that's not pro-government or that goes against the system, it wouldn't surprise me if google did the same (unless they already do and I haven't noticed yet), it sucks really. I was not aware of this entire MGTOW thing, I found out about it because of your video and I'm glad to see there are others who think in such way (i searched the MGTOW meaning, I like to be informed) great job with the video.
  • Isaac77 reply sjw are attacking you should resist
  • allieryan1970 reply hell yea . I am going to do my account here. on my videos
  • revwinnebago reply You were purged from YouTube for threatening to call CPS on another man's kid.
  • NoHoldsBarredMedia reply Im jumping ship too.
  • Mister_Shots reply Wow this was long, and crazy. I hope all goes well.
  • Morphbox reply Never understood this ideology to be honest. If I chose to be with a woman for the rest of my life am I not going my own way?
  • Alpine reply as nationalism continues to gain momentum in western nations, I wonder how much of a fight the new world folks are willing to invest. the new world order, it is based on lies, so it s foundation is very weak. As most con games are. I wonder what the state of things will be by the end of 2017. and then by the end of 2018. Im curious to see how things go.
  • Freeblaze reply http://www.learcapital.com/news-blog/womenandretirementcrisis
  • xpusostomos reply If it's at all feasible, I'd like to see you hang on with YouTube as long as it is at all feasible because it's hard to monitor multiple conduits for videos, and like it or not, youtube still is the big player here. Good for you to branch out, but I would say hang on to the bitter end on youtube.
  • PhoenixRising reply This is too bad. It's too late though. The message of MGTOW got out to a lot of people and the message will continue to spread weather MGTOW providers get censored or not. Actually this type of stuff will only make MGTOW stronger. Don't give up Angry! All of this trolling will eventually end.
  • wolfalexzemla reply msm only on yt. powerful forces will not allow alternate media with the money involved. Try minds, vidme, and diaspora. The problems you have on you tube are just to frustrate you to leave. Feminism is the right for a woman to falsely claim rape with out consequence if she is mad at her boyfriend or if a divorce goes bad its the mans fault and he should pay. Conservatives need to stop using fakebook, they tube, twit, instaidiot and stop enabling these mega corporations to build a digital tyranny
  • stormrookylassie reply Its kinda sad to See these platorms give in to the lift and all its bullshit
  • AItiger reply Men need to create there own content websites an upload thier videos or create video thats not vid.me or youtube base when viewers are viewing thier content (this is to ensure that they cant get flaged as its thier intellectual property right an thier the proprietor). This will ensure that they have full control/security of thier content. Come on men! You guys can do it, an good for you to ANGRY MGTOW 🍺
  • AItiger reply Alert all mgtow content creators to goto vid.me
  • jp9605 reply Keep fucking those whores Youtube, you might catch something.
  • MFKraven reply Vidme is pretty cool at letting people come and do their thing. The censorship of channels that are bunched up in the "Alt-Right" category is absolutely disgusting. I don't like to get into politics as I am just a humble gaming channel, but keeping our heads down while you guys get prosecuted isnt gonna fly anymore. Keep up your work @angrymgtow
  • CarmelCorn reply Why are contenying to delete my comments bro? Afraid of owning up to your creepy actions?
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