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  • NominalGiant reply I feel for Cody :( My childhood was very similar to his, now as an adult who went through that I'm exactly the way you describe. When I first found out about those people my heart broke. And it brought back so many memories. Kids shouldn't have to go through that. I hope something is done for those children especially Cody. I dont care how the father trys to spin it its abuse, its traumatic, and its appalling. Whats just as bad is there are people defending these people like yeah its totally cool to torture your'll make them stronger later in life. Believe me when I say it doesn't, I'm a prime example. I stay away from people because I have trust and anger issues I've become a hermit, and I have a hard time perusing meaningful relationships I still have nightmares at 32 about some of the things that happened. What they've done will stick with Cody for the rest of his life and they will be very lucky to see him grow up to be a well adjusted adult :(
  • [ – ] LeonLaGrey reply I didn't see their videos since it was disturbing enough that was shown via PhilipD's video. Cody is scarred for life thanks to this disgusting father, LOCK HIM UP! He's no good and doesn't need custody cover this child. Very hardening to see.
  • John-Goras reply This YouTube family is like an MKUltra experiment.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply I definitely feel an instinctive need to kick this dudes ass and his beached whale of a wife. They deserve to have the shit kicked out of them, put on YouTube and told "it's just a 'prank' bro".
  • Directionally_Challenged reply When I was a kid, I got yelled at a lot, yelled at for crying, yelled at for failing certain subjects, screamed at a lot for no real reason... that shit has a traumatic effect on a kid... I'm pretty screwed in the head and have no self esteem. I feel for cody, I have an idea how he'll wind up as an adult and I really hate to see that happen to someone.
  • mikefluharty reply Thank you for this video. I am praying for those kids.
  • evil_twin reply What I find sick and disgusting is that the whole matter is actually up for a discussion.
  • wolfalexzemla reply And to think the baby boomer generation produced hillary clinton. can hardly wait to see what the millennials come up with
  • kystonio reply What you said about the CPS is the saddest part. Even if the family actually gets investigated, they might get away with it and keep making money off of what is basically abuse that has led to PTSD.
  • SamEarl13 reply After seeing what you shown in the video its obvious its abuse and there's something wrong with him. At this point its hard to say if Cody will really have a future with all the anger and trust issues he'll have (and that's not even factoring in mental disabilities).
  • JessicaMartwin reply This is crazy! I hadn't heard anything about this until watching your video. This is a terrible situation but you did a very good job explaining it. I feel terrible for those kids :(
  • SteveLivesHere reply Good video. I totally agree with what you said here. Watching those clips upset me a bit because that is abuse. I know what a prank is. That was not a prank. As a person with Aspergers Syndrome, I actually feel bad for Cody in all this. The mother and father should be ashamed of themselves for letting their greed take over like it did. All they are doing is causing their kids to have trust issues later on in life.
  • wolfalexzemla reply on you tube semiogogue does an interesting video about teachers creating personal dependency disorder in students.
  • VikingYsja reply Only once in my life have I experienced being screamed at out of nowhere. It was in a subway train in New York. A woman I'd never seen before kept asking "what my problem is", yelling at the top of her lungs, and there was nowhere I could go. Cody is just a child, and he needs to be able to rely on his parents for protection and safety. Being screamed at is traumatising, and I imagine even more when it's the people you are supposed to be able to trust the most. The parents are standing on either side of him, yelling while his siblings just watch. And it's almost every single day
  • [ – ] clidefrog reply A good breakdown. I was wondering what could be done. Im sure the internet has gone nuts sending emails and worse, but I dont think that helps the kids, in particular Cody. Neither does a hashtag. I didnt know about the family therapist, perhaps that is something that should come out. If people found out who that therapist is, then the question is "did you report the abuse? if not, why?" Somehow, this seems like malpractice, possibly illegal levels of negligence. Either way, something needs to happen. Those videos are so bad they are hardly watchable. It's heartbreaking no matter who you empathise with. I have 3 kids. I know it gets tough. I cant imagine anything even remotely like this in my house. I fully respect people's right to conduct a home how they see best, but there is a limit and this is WAY beyond the point at which a society needs to step in in defense of the kids.
    • LibertyDoll parent reply In most states, not reporting anything that could even be misconstrued as abuse gets you sued, a huge fine, and you could lose your license. In MA, where I practice, it could cost you a million dollars. A literal million dollars.
  • [ – ] clidefrog reply First time seeing your video, just heard "Licensed mental health professional" and in my head I thought "I bet that's code for "not a doctor""
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply In mental health, doctors are the ones that prescribe meds. I chose not to do that, because I don't think meds are appropriate in most situations to begin with and I wouldn't want to be responsible for that. Plus it's a difference of 8-10 years of school instead of 6. So no, not a doctor, but a psychotherapist.
      • [ – ] clidefrog parent reply fwiw, I was impressed by the video. Just wasnt sure what to make of "licensed mental health professional" , one of those phrases that sounds like it could be legit, or could be someone with a certificate from a seminar on psychic triangles. Of course I've actually known a guy who was an actual doctor... in some eastern throat noise healing. So I guess you never can tell from titles.
        • LibertyDoll parent reply I think I said licensed mental health therapist once and professional therapist in another spot. I mostly did that because the actual title varies state by state. In the northeast we're called "licensed" and in the south therapists are called "professional," though everyone still requires licenses.
  • wolfalexzemla reply The sleep of reason produces monsters -Goya
  • [ – ] theyellowtub reply If you think that the CPS in the US is bad think. Here in Norway the CPS is way too strict and has been accused of kidnapping people based on low IQ in the parents. They have also been accused of abusing kids. A nice middle ground would be good.
  • [ – ] BackSoon reply So you're saying heroin needles on the floor with kids in the house is bad? Can I leave them on the night stand? Of course sometimes they are going to end up on the floor, you know what I mean. Sometimes it can't be avoided.
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply When there isn't any surface in the house covered with needles or bugs, and the parents are passed out on the bedroom floor while the kids are climbing counters to get frozen meals out of the freezer and trying to eat them frozen because they're too young to know otherwise, and there's no other food in the's problematic. Not saying CPS is the answer, but it's a far cry from "good parenting."
  • [ – ] Double-T reply I can't watch their videos anymore as they give me flashbacks of how I was treated as a kid. I am by no means a mentally stable person because of how I was treated. I have serious anger issues that I've struggled for a long time to get control of and I have a very negative outlook on life. I always use to tell myself and my siblings when I grew up I was going to move away and not come back and that's exactly what I did.
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