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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Oh! I have played many horror games but I haven't yet played this one. It looks good and scary. Have you tried horror games in VR? It's a whole other level of scary, you know human?? I tried Outlast 2 recently. I think it's a good and scary game BUTTTTT there is too much running-running-running-get-stuck-on-stone-die moments. The moment you can't find the exact fixed route to escape, you die. It's a weird design choice you know? But the graphics are nice and the scenes in the buildings are cool. But the running scenes outside need work. Have you tried it? Also, Little Nightmares is worth playing. Not really a horror game but a creepy side scrolling game that's very beautiful and fun to play! Do you have a YouTube human? I would like to come to support you!
    • Allergic2 parent reply This will be short. 1 you can support me right here. 2 you commented 5 minutes after I posted a 20 minute video. Doubtful you watched any tbh. 3. the video has a GIANT "YouTube" logo in the corner you could click to see my youtube. so proof you didn't watch aha. Comon dude. Thanks for the comment tho. even if it's insincere lol
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