The Platforms War: A Battle of Incentives

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  • [ – ] Bombiz reply I hope​ more alternatives pop up other than just vidme or minds
  • Bombiz reply Also I thought the add shit storm was because advertisers weren't seeing good returns on their adds AND they where showing up on ISIS videos?
  • [ – ] Bombiz reply Isn't the paid subscription meant to allow creators to get money from other sources than adds? Like how is going to do it? Do people just need patreon now? Just have people sell their own stuff then along with affiliate links?
  • [ – ] Bombiz reply 2:21 don't those companies compete with them selves? Doesn't HBO compete with Netflix which competes with Showtime ...etc? This analogy is very confusing
    • [ – ] MillennialMonolith parent reply Yeah but the difference is the competition is a lot more mellow. It's like competing against 4 opponents vs 100
      • Bombiz parent reply well that's kinda what happens when you get to that big of a level. you won't have a lot of opponents but the ones you do have will be of a higher quality. usually.
  • [ – ] Bombiz reply 1:52 wait I thought people where angry at YouTube for not promoting their stuff along with those other reasons.
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