The Enemies of Free Speech & Democracy

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  • SamEarl13 reply It is absolutely stupid just how far people are going to restrict free speech these days. First it was things that 'might be offensive' but now they just call everything hate speech instead. I can't imagine what the internet would look like if everything went their way.
  • AnimeReviews reply The French are being dumb, "learn to live with" terrorism my butt!
  • ElCidDos reply As long as we the people can continue to use alternative means of disseminating information and opinions (such as youtube and vidme), we have a fighting chance of staying ahead of these people. I would say that things may even be so far gone that if they continue to try and silence these alternative voices, it may trigger a real uprising. The general public have had it, they are sick of the progressive agenda, political correctness, etc... That train has left the station. The left will, of course, fight tooth and nail to put the silence the right, but hopefully it's too late. After watching the actions of antifa, many people who would have been happy sitting on the sidelines now want to get involved and do something to help. I honestly think it may come to greater violence and bloodshed before things change. The right has shown great restraint thus far (in the US) by not using the many, many firearms owned by its members. All it will take is one instance of the antifa killing s...moreome people at one of these demonstrations to take things to the next level. Make no mistake, it it comes to it there will be an armed uprising against these leftist extremists and things could get pretty crazy for a while....
  • Muddywaters reply It is becoming more and more apparent that should an establishment body want something that something is not in the interests of the main body of people. Basically people are no longer accepting the program without question and are not willingly following along into their own oppression. The EU has had a history of getting referendum results of sovereign peoples reversed and the longer they can procrastinate the easier that will become. If the UK fails to leave there won't be another chance and all those who desire to remain part of the globalists block will learn what oppression really is.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Parliament of the EU has already made it illegal to voice free speech. the same can be said of Trudeau and his push to stop free speech. Trudeau and the leaders seem to redistribute the money into their pockets. The best thing would be for the nations of the EU to free themselves from this totalitarian regime while they still can. Totalitarian definition, relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. Separate states survived for hundreds of years, but Totalitarianism history always ends in the destruction of society look at Venezuela collapse. There are articles on The Hidden Violence of Totalitarianism, and Crisis in Venezuela: A Regime's Denial
  • blazedu reply ugh, every time i see that stupid girl talking about universities not being a place to challenge their students but to create a safe space, i just get this burst of anger. Is this what triggered means?
  • c_arnold03 reply Leftism is fundamentally about denying the true nature of the world. Within r/K selection theory, K-selection demands discrimination in group associations, recognition of threat, and caution in approaches of others, r-selected leftism demands a blindness to all of that reality. If resources are free, that programming is actually advantageous, since free resources makes fighting, and anything prone to produce it like judgmental-ism, highly disadvantageous. Sadly for the left, we live in a world that is K-selected more often than not, and even the impersonal rudimentary A.I.'s we have made, with no bias or axe to grind, see it as clear as day.
  • bononoz1 reply I'm in the far left but I do not have communist sympathies, freedom is good, freedom of speech is good, communism is not good.
  • LaurieBowden23 reply As much as I don't support Miller's views, I do think that constitutionally she was right in demanding that the bill should be passed through parliament, rather than just triggered through royal prerogative. It took the signing of Magna Carta, the execution of Charles I and the overthrowing of James II to establish the supremacy of the legislative over the executive. After Brexit, ultimate authority must reside in Parliament and the Regional Assemblies, not in the Executive and certainly not in the ECJ.
  • Angry-Quad reply If you want to experience denial of free speech just go to BERKLEY. CA...... The level of hypocrisy is unbelievable!!
  • blazedu reply Well, if in germay they are trying to license the FUCKING LIVESTREAMS, i wonder how long until people are arrested and sent to jail for "hate speech" oh wait, that already happened.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply info Wars is talking about WikiLeaks, Julian isn't exposing CIA spying first he is exposing personal property rights violations. If it's my TV they can't trespass and use electronics or electricity to touch my personal property. It's like a ghost "an unseen" entity has entered your home your neighbors' homes without consent. We give TB shows consent to enter through the TV. If they stepped right onto your property, without your consent and put in a listening device they have to trespass. They trespassed first in these cases but once it enters our home after we purchased it, it's ours they must remove their listening devices from my personal property. If they don't it's still trespassing on someone else's property. The same thing with smart electric meters or anything else that is "smart". What does a man do if an armed person comes on his land, he gets his gun out and shoots the invader. The CIA is an armed person or group of armed people coming on our property, our neighbors' proper...morety we must defend ourselves against armed intruders, invaders, trespassers. So we tell the government, CIA, NSA, Foreign government spy agencies, the pentagon, etc. and other companies remove your stuff or we will have you arrested for trespassing. Stop talking about spying, they're not going to stop or remove their long arm touching our personal property without threat of personal harm to each individual involved in trespassing illegally. Do something, call to arms. A people's civil action or even lawsuit or police action of the people against an invading government even if it's our own government employees trespassing. It is trespassing.
  • Multigk reply Honest Question: Why do you talk about hate speech so much, I follow along expecting a varied range of stuff to watch, seems hate speech comes up a lot.
  • Insidio reply MP - Monster PIG
  • JadeJicama reply Ms Miller sounds an awful lot like some other lady on the internet who got criticism for her views and went to the UN to get 'hate speech' censored...
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