Design Club - Super Mario Bros: Level 1-1 - How Super Mario Mastered Level Design

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  • VoxelSkull reply Very well made video! Never thought about SMB1 like that... Good video though :)
  • sojuface reply well made :)
  • Dazzlinglatte reply Ahh.. this brought back a lot of good memories. I think it's time I pop up some popcorn, grab some soda & play some SMB1 again. Awesome video!! 😁
  • Toboggan reply Rickety Cricket is that you?
  • flotts reply Wish I could listen to your voice without wanting to kill myself to end the pain... If you're gonna use a voice changer, don't use a shitty one - and don't spend an entire two minutes explaining something Edmund McMillen explained in 10 seconds on Indie Game: The Movie. You did that a few times. It's almost like you DIDN'T expect people to notice.
  • RobotUnderscore reply extra credits on YES
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