President Trump Is Going Down The Same Road, GW Bush Travelled!

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  • Tiwaz_Ansuz reply Found ya ..... I wanna say something ...... something I am not all that allowed to do --- immigration is killing Canada . Jayda Fransen is absolutely right about all the things she is saying -- immigration is killing England . This is genocide aimed at whites and meant to destroy our culture our morals and social norms -- there are now mosques in my area and there is no reason to think it will not amount to the same destructive pattern it has in England The native chiefs are now apparently talking about defining who is and is not a native as in a Canadian "Indian" . Now Gab the King called them Indians there is a Ministry in the federal government called "Ministry of Indian affairs .... the King called them Indians the government ministry is calling them Indians --- I am going to call them Indians If anyone has a problem with that they can go dig up James 1st of England and take it up with him. The genocide of the natives is ongoing ...... the Crown has signed way to many treatie...mores to ever be able to perform or allow any of them to be performed --- it is now a peoples mostly watered down and bled out by breeding outside of the tribes --- there are many many English Scottish surnames that attend the Indian persons ---- the government the corporatists are equally after them and their culture as they are the British peoples --- in part their aims are genocides of whites but also more so of the world and of certain perceptions of the mind and heart The change in Canada has been astonishing in its efficiency in its execution and in its mind controlled setting of a paradigm --- we the white British cultural majority have been watered down into insignificance a combination of pharma drugs a medical stazi chemtrails a miseducation system of lies and the hypnotic flicker rates along with an ultra surveillance society and some pretty high tech weapons has left the vast majority white or otherwise --- in a state of non opinion-ed non thinking masses of follow the leader and surrender on command idiots --- the culture is dying because the freedom of the peoples is being killed to facilitate a new trans-humanist robo controlled corporate culture of non gendered no identity Golems The aim --- is to make you me and the guy next to you --- into a golem So .... I posted on my google plus a short statement ( for me its short) and a link to your latest vid --- not sure that will do anything for you but it is immaterial --- you got booted into youtube jail for ---- having a mind a voice and observing reality to come up with your own opinion Any one of those things is now a sin in the commie control corporate jack booted culture and you have committed all 3 in a trifecta of horrors to the globalist ideal and vision To the west --- lay China ...... not the east the west --- ya see those who say the far east refering to China in order to be correct have to be standing in Europe to say such a thing and be right about it --- the western front that is now all quiet is indeed China They have overwhelmingly exported people on mass taking over a large portion of BC via drugs and prostitution infiltrating the government and being used as a critical new world order dream for it is --- they have the numbers to water us down and so deployed they are to Canada where colonies of vast tracks of land have appeared and continue to grow as a 5th collum that will I am sure be used if Trump sets foot in the wrong direction --- thus Canada is now a launching ground for the millions ---- millions of yellow hordes now existing in established colonies owning vast tracks of land --- they have brought with them the tools and expierence of a culture revolution or the student revolution . Now keep in mind the Asian hordes immigrating in vast numbers are piling into New Zealand and Australia ...... asymetric warfare is in fact ancient warfare --- drown out the enemy by moving in your people in such numbers that you take over without firing a shot --- and here we are a decade after moron jr --- uh Bush jr warned us of --- asymetric warfare and then in fless filled hypocrasy said fight them over there so we do not have to fight them over here as he brought them over here for them to fight us Now understand this --- the US Canada and so on as first world nations has a post industrial population --- the Asians have a mid industrial population rising from an agrarian base --- they are at mentally as people at a very different place in development than we are --- they are literally hundreds of years behind us in many ways --- the simplicity of the mindset is astonishing and the mind control of the communist Chinese is evident in the mannerisims and cognitive skills of those who now increasingly make up a majority of our country Hordes upon hordes of India Indians a genocide for the native Indians --- the Asian and sub Asian contient is piling its human resources in the first world and dragging it down to a 3rd world nation state with the intent of destroying all national identity The new world order .... the old whore that bought a new dress : did not expect a political backlash nor response Thus parties like Britian first Trump Le Penn and the victory of the UKIP ( Nigel Farrage) were not planned for or on ....... Those who run the place that wish a corporate culture that are the old oligarchy of evil and perversity ..... honestly felt that their iron grip on the media would cement the minds of the voters to not see an option within the political arena They did not really expect any resistance from youtubers because they thought they would vilify and denounce each one of you one by one and that your voice would thus serve them not foster any resistance
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