What To Expect From My Channel In The Next Few Months

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  • [ – ] Pc_Genie reply Excellent. What do you plan for this HEMA game in terms of the actual gameplay features? Is it RPG/fighting/strategy/other?
    • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply I've got a lot of ideas but haven't decided yet. Maybe a tower defence, maybe a procedurally generated rouge-like both of which I made progress with on my old laptop before I lost my data. Either way I want sensibly proportioned weapons, realistic range, feasible techniques and armour which behaves realistically. The only skill I'm completely lacking at the moment is animation and all the free character animations I've been able to find are terrible from a HEMA perspective. Ideally motion capture would be the way forward but I don't have that kind of cash atm.
      • [ – ] Pc_Genie parent reply Perhaps use the available character animations as a base to see how complex movements are done. Presumably they are also 'realistic' insofar as a human body could achieve such movements. Developing hand-crafted HEMA strikes and parries etcetera might take time, but it could create some permanent benchmarks for other developers to use!
        • JimGiant parent reply I could try using other animations as a base but there are all sorts of different ways of animating and it would probably take a full day of research just to decide which method to use. I'll figure something out eventually but I'll start with some simple non-hema games to get some practice in.
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