Hillary Rodham Clinton: "cyber space, after all, is the public square of the 21st century" #freespeechmatters

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  • [ – ] sailfished reply VIDME is removing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the truthtellers from the following list, you David Seaman, Bad Guac. all gone, Really graceful is probably next
    • Socore parent reply I noticed the same with David's channel. I knew he uploaded a video to YT but I had to dig for it to watch it here. Gonna see if I can see his new one.
  • [ – ] 1Source reply I have never thought of the first amendment in this way thanks for bringing it to my attention.Great content! Maybe we should peaceably assemble on the Internet and protest slick Willy and Hillary rotten Clinton's criminal empire or maybe FBI corruption. What do you think? No that would just be fake news!
    • Socore parent reply Thank you very much, I am working on improving my content so any pointers would be gladly appreciated.
    • [ – ] Socore parent reply What's most interesting is HRC's 180 from just years ago. Not surprising but interesting. My eyes are on how Trump treats HR5181, so far I am skeptical and reserving my opinion for at least until he has spent a month in office.
  • [ – ] nomadic reply Protesting against the evil empire will get your name on a list at the very least, or worse like Levoy Finicum unarmed shot three times in the back by so called lawmen, please help free Pete Santilli
    • Socore parent reply I haven't done an expose on Pete yet but @nomadic it is on my things to do. I am working on tying the concepts of my previous video into a more coherent message. Should be uploaded soon, and thanks for watching friend.
  • [ – ] Shinsha reply We said and great points made.
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