6 Most Hilarious Games Ever Created w/ Psyniac

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  • [ – ] gridsleep reply #7 Psychonauts. How could you forget Psychonauts?
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply I LOVED Deadpool! Except for the final boss fight. If you don't have certain upgrades....it it is a codfish-and-a-half.
  • [ – ] CaptainFrugal reply I love a funny game, how about Duke 3D!
  • [ – ] gridsleep reply I'd get another Nintendo DS XL just to play Earthworm Jim.
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Excellent list never heard of Stan Lee's Parable but will have to give it a try. Conker and Stubbs are both games I'm hoping someday get sequels at some point. Great video really enjoyed it.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Thanks man! Yeah, I would love for sequels too...I think that they will probably never happen. I love Conker's, it's just one of the craziest game that I have ever played. Thanks for watching!
  • [ – ] DoobelS reply Jazzpunk is another great comedic game you should check out if you haven't already! That game is hilarious :) Good list, I agree with these picks :D
  • [ – ] Double-T reply I absolutely loved playing Conker's Bad Fur Day. Multiplayer and Solo were equally as great to play and my brothers and our friends had many nights playing the Beach game.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Stubbs the Zombie is a game I still haven't tried yet but I definitely agree with the others. I spent ages playing Earthworm Jim, in fact I used to own a video with a few episodes of an Earthworm Jim cartoon (apparently there's 23 episodes altogether).
    • GamerRaf parent reply I haven't tried stubs the zombie yet either. But it looks very fun. Hahaha Earthworm Jim has to be one of my favorite retro games. I remember that series used to watch it when I was younger.
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