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  • yourvagismysafespace reply The best response to her plea was a meme. It had a white police officer standing beside his squad car with the caption "if we really wanted you dead we'd just stop policing your neighborhoods". But why stop at just the police being removed from their communities? Let's ban all services that were created by the oppressive white race. This shall include, but not be limited to, fire and rescue, utilities such as water and power, postal services, etc. If undocumented(that's illegals to white folk), are afraid to call the police even when the police don't arrest illegals as they are federally mandated to do, then by all means they should return to their country of origin where that fear would not exist. All she is concerned with is spending the money on more community programs. Community programs is code for wasting money on useless ideas that give the ghetto that warm & fuzzy feeling.
  • DatGuyYouKnow reply Now this is high quality content
  • 420brian reply I don't need cops ... I only need a gun.
  • Tellie1980 reply Would like to share this but unable to for some reason. Libtards live in a fantasy land.
  • basic_goku reply Abolish slavery pls
  • NewWorldMordor reply I could do without the excessive cursing, but understand it's an effective style. Great production value, excellent voice, amazing rebuttal. Followed!
  • Wulfe reply My mom and dad were in jail before. They're white.
  • Fraglrokt reply Wtf is wrong with people
  • opaxel1967 reply if stupidity would hurt ... she be screaming all day long lol lol
  • Seeking_Truth reply This is a great channel
  • [ – ] Leadhead reply Where the fuck did this moron come from?? I got an idea, take some large city, say Baltimore, and stuff all of the trans, blacks, natives, and Latino (wtf)
  • idontneedhealing reply And her name is... is.... mysandry queen. i hope shes joking.
  • SkyJove reply Wow, these people are actually very scary.
  • lewren reply "you get sent to prison for committing a crime" Yeah fucking nigger pot smokers! Right?! Fuck you... Might not be the police that manufactures criminals, but shes not way off.
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