The REAL Problem With VidMe

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  • [ – ] BlunderingFool reply A third issue is people jumping ship from youtube and literally DUMPING six or seven videos at a time, this kicks me off the recent videos spot a LOT more than I'd like, which is never. No one likes being kicked off recent videos because someone wanted to dump six videos at once.
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply I absolutely love Left 4 Dead! Oh yeah and no agree with both your points, especially the Follow 4 Follow bit, it can be a problem, I remember I mentioned how I don't do F4F in one of my videos and lost 4 followers I think. If your hoping someone from @vidme sees your video I think the beat thing to do is tag them. I think @Duffy could tell you better
    • ClickedTaser parent reply I appreciate the comment! Yeah. I've been looking at VidMe for a while as an uploading platform and immediately started to realize the issues with it.
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