DLCs in Video Games Are Getting Ridiculous

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  • [ – ] duffy reply agreed. it's insane. i'm looking at you EA.
    • GamerRaf parent reply hahahah yep EA does it all the time. They seem to not get the hint that people hate DLC's when it's done this way. Let's see what they're going to do with Battlefront 2 because they said there won't be any DLC but I'm sure they'll have something up their sleeve.
    • XenobladeTheGamer parent reply Espesially the sims
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply DLC/Micro-transaction/Gamble boxes they've all gotten way out of hand. Another thing people need to stop doing is pre-ordering. This is what got us in to this mess to begin with. Be a smart consumer, make these companies earn our buck again! Great short little video @GamerRaf !
    • GamerRaf parent reply That's another thing! They'll put all these different things for people that pre-order it but then if you don't pre-order it you don't get any of that which is very unfair for people that we wait.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply I definitely agree that DLC is getting idiotic, I get that production is getting more expensive as people are apparently wanting games to look nicer (and not play better) but so many lines have been crossed. Its nice to see that Indie devs are getting a lot more exposure these days, Flinthook in particular looks awesome and has no DLC at all.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah I agree. A great indie game you should play is inside it's so fun, creepy and cheap. I'm going to go check flinthook out.
  • [ – ] valereth reply Day 1 DLC is horse shit. DLC that unlocks something that is already on the disc is horse shit. DLC that is basically the end of the game is horse shit. Good DLC should be similar to expansion packs before there was DLC. Games should be finished upon release, and the development team, if they want, should develop more after the game has launched. A new campaign or something.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Agreed. It's all horse poop lol That's the name I was looking for "expansion packs." It has to be after the game is completed. If not, it's horse s***
      • [ – ] valereth parent reply In the 90s and early to mid 2000s, I loved a good expansion pack. Beyond the Dark Portal for Warcraft 2. Lord of Destruction for Diablo II. Mysteries of the Sith for DArk Forces 2 Jedi Knight. Blood Moon and Tribunal for Morrowind. These were well worth the money
  • [ – ] ragalthor reply DLC has become something damaging. Games used to be completed and almost bug-free. After finishing the story mode, you could unlock some new characters, some more missions, game modes or cheats. Now with DLC is: pay us more to get the full experience.
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply See, if I have the game already, I'm not gonna pay for anything else.
    • GamerRaf parent reply I wish I could say the same thing. But if it is like the Witcher 3, I can keep buying from them because they actually work on their DLC just as hard as if it were the original game. Other companies… I'm not sure XD
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Completely agree Projekt Red does dlc right. The thing that made me so angry with Rocksteady and "Arkham Knight" is when it released on PC it was completely broken. When people asked Rocksteady to fix it their response was "were working on dlc we will get to it after". I don't have a problem with developers doing dlc as long as it is an expansion and something that continues a story or adds something to the game also is developed after initial release not behind a wall. Mortal Kombat and fighters in general are really bad when it comes to dlc. The biggest disaster being Street Fighter V. I could talk about this all day lol. Great video, quick and straight to the point.
    • GamerRaf parent reply lol thanks! Yeah, it really bothers me when they are working on DLC but the game doesn't even work. It doesn't make sense. Oh my, Street fighter V was horrible with content. How can you release a game that isn't even finished? There are so many companies that try to take advantage of the customers and it's not right.
  • [ – ] GermanMadman reply True although in some cases higher prices dlcs can be good if they provide enough content. That is rarely rare unfortunately.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah, it's a shame. I wouldn't mind paying $50 for a DLC if the game is completely separate and the game releases as a full game at first.
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply I must agree! Getting very expensive just to buy a single game. I understand the cost of making AAA games is just getting out of control; for this reason, I see indies having a huge role in the future. Hey, that gives me an idea for an episode!! >:D
    • GamerRaf parent reply hahahah nice. Yeah, it's getting ridiculous and AAA games are expensive but they are get greedy as well. And just like you said indie games are getting better and better as we speak. I love good in indie games.
  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply I really enjoyed the DLC with the mass effect games, but I loath when you get a season pass that doesn't cover everything! And that is one of many reasons that I won't go anywhere near Destiny 2
  • [ – ] ManySkills reply I agree. There are some free to play games that give you more content than a $15 DLC.
  • [ – ] DunsparceDiglet reply A problem with your analysis of DLC is that you didn't really do a good job of telling us what they were. In the first half you put a lot of emphasis on Price that's just one of what a DLC is and not who it is, an in-descriptive quantitative characteristic. The next half you used really broad terms which like "special moves" which don't really help a buyer decide if the DLC is worth it. *If you're in a situation where you can't really judge a game with qualitative measures* then I think you're going to have to A) Wait for more info on the DLC or you can try B) and Estimate the value of the game through Quantitative measures. One quantitative measure that I've learned to stick by states that for every dollar you spend on a game/dlc you must play 2 hours of the game/dlc. If you can't find yourself doing that then you shouldn't buy the game if you don't want to live in a land of risk. Or buy the game, I guess for Injustice 2's case, and hope that your couch buddies will makes a ton of qu...moreality time. among other possibilities.
    • GamerRaf parent reply You make a good point in your comment but I wasn't really trying to let people know "what" a DLC was. I was talking about "why" they are bad sometimes. But yes, A and B are great options to determine whether or not you should buy. So for every $1 there should be hrs of gameplay? Now I think that I'm gonna be very conscious about that for future purchases.
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply yea the witcher 3 is a good example nice video short and sweet :)
  • [ – ] S1Husky reply I like how Rainbow Six Siege handles their DLC as well. All the new maps are free for everyone and all the new characters and most of the cosmetic items can be obtained through in-game play. It makes the DLC feel optional, which...it should. Nothing angers me more than when a game feels incomplete without buying the DLC for it.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah! that's what bothers me the most too. That's how it should feel, optional. Things that should be in the game should be available for everyone who purchased the game.
  • [ – ] MichiganerE reply Completely agree. Titanfall 2, Battlefront II, Rainbow Six Seige, etc. are all doing DLC the right way.
  • [ – ] SkyBlue_Scholar reply In the next couple of decades, games will likely be 100% DLC, no more GameStop stores, and online
  • [ – ] Double-T reply In Canada games cost $80 plus having to pay for a season pass so it never seems worth it. The only thing close to a season pass I bought was the Founder's Pack for Paladins and every new hero that they release I unlock automatically.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply OMG that should be illegal lol. I'm here complaining about $60 and you pay $80 for a game, thats crazy.
      • [ – ] Double-T parent reply I buy maybe 2 games a year. Most people I know use Share Play and buy games together and share accounts. Times are hard for Canadian gamers haha
  • [ – ] houstonhowl reply It's all about the money with DLCs.
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Everything's about money money money. Gotta love capitalism right? #merica
  • [ – ] The_Tennents_Special_Crew reply Sad but true the days of buying a full game are long gone.
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