#RegressiveNews: California’s Communist Infiltration

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  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply How did someone so retarded get a master's degree ???
  • [ – ] bierhops reply It goes to show American University is in decline and Asian is on the rise. The very best the young can do for themselves is not to attend these indoctrination cesspools. Try for University in Japan.
    • [ – ] jasonlee3071 parent reply Our universities may be in decline but I would not offer Japanese schools as a better alternative. One thing I would hate about Japanese educational system is they brainwash the young into absolute conformity. Original creative thinking is not encouraged and the emphasis is strictly learning by rote. That is simply remembering the right answer to the right question for the exam. Instead I would look maybe to the educational system in Europe or the UK.
      • bierhops parent reply That is education all over. It's why corporations feel the need to test their candidates in the subject matter. I'd rather my child was brainwashed to conform to empirical evidence than SJW nonsense. Yes, Asia up, Harvard down.
  • [ – ] FrancisGo reply I think whoever came up with the idea of an all black graduation would sing a different tune if it had been a white man who came up with the exact same idea and used the exact same rhetoric to justify it. There would be crying and gnashing of teeth. Progressivism is a mental disorder.
    • Cellblock776 parent reply I figure, at this point, if they can have Blacks only grad ceremonies and groups such as Black Lives Matter and similar race based events and organizations then it should now be socially acceptable to have Whites only events and groups. Right? Can't have it going just one way.
    • blazedu parent reply that should always be the question: "but what iff you replace black with white? Isn't what you said racist then"
  • Perseus_Gold reply Alright boys, time to send them back our fierce defiance and stamp upon this curse alliance!
  • CiliRat reply The World is Insane!
  • RoboLynx reply If being a communist was an offense that can get you fired then why the hell do we have so many elected communists in this state? They should all have been fired under this ban.
  • RomWatt reply "Communist California" ? Really ? I thought you were smarter than that, Dave. This lame Commiefornia joke thing is getting old, it's not funny, and also the real communists, who doesn't vote Democrat by the way, has been screwed since at least the 90s and nobody likes them anyway.
  • [ – ] AtomicDog602 reply Wow. The Unites States is slowly crawling towards its doom. Sadly I think in the end the progressives will win, or there will be a civil war -one of the two...
  • TiberiusDuraga reply Well, there goes sales of Diet Sodas
  • jasonlee3071 reply Interesting. I'm surprised that state of Calif. waited so long to do this. I thought this would have been something that was accomplished years ago. Not that I'm for it and this is just one more reason why I despise the colleges and universities here in Calif. and the U.S. And I do have to admit that I do live in this pisshole of a state called California. Which I loathe for quite a few reasons.
  • JYaelQ reply LOL. I saw the thing about the Seattle Mayor. This is one reason why I live within commuting distance, but not in the city itself. Yuck...
  • LadyFuzztail reply Nice video, but I don't think Yiannopoulos is a good example to show in this video, his actions up until this point run counter to what he said in that clip. Most of his previous speeches rely on identity politics.
  • PirateMonkE reply Humankind... still has the word MAN in it. But in all seriousness, fuck off with this PC bullshit. What's next, is penmanship going to change to penpersonship?
  • Mofreedom reply Where is the "Clear and Present Danger" that Communism presents today? It was certainly there in the 1950s. But where is it since 1992?
  • Mofreedom reply Is there a provision in California law banning Nazis from state employment?
  • [ – ] Rob_Silvermyst reply Trump's wall needs to separate us from California as well as Mexico.
    • CountryfiedLinux parent reply But then you're alienating a lot of conservatives counties in California, which make up the majority of the state. It just so happens that the big cities have more of the regressive population. The electoral college puts us conservatives at a tremendous disadvantage.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply We are going to need a two state solution one for conservatives and another for complete idiots.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Muzzie's should be banned also.
  • Paranatural reply -4:55 I'm pretty sure if he used "mankind" it wouldn't been an issue.
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