Top 5 Resident Evil Monsters - AlphaOmegaSin

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  • [ – ] AlphaOmegaSin reply @8biteric It's going to be a long road ahead but I('m honestly kinda excited about it. YouTube needs competition
    • zombiewarrior88 parent reply you're right. as the old saying goes - competition is what's best for business. Hopefully you'll continue making and putting videos here on vidme.
    • TheShadowHatter parent reply love that you're in the Vidme community and I honestly can't wait to see more of your videos showing up here!
  • animeknight99 reply Good to see that you are using this site. I am also following Minx on here
  • 8biteric reply Fuckign not even one minute on vid me and you got 60 followers lol. you are the man bro
  • ImTgs7 reply This site may take over the video making scene! Welcome Alpha!
  • DBFig reply Welcome to VidMe. 🤘
  • xlife reply Here's to new beginnings. Hopefully this alternative stays consistent and improves over time.
  • LegendGary323 reply Oh shit! AlphaOmegaSin made his way to vidme! welcome dude!
  • AlphaOmegaSin reply @Severett000 You're not as bad as the dude outside my window with lotion, though he does make for an interesting XMAS decoration admittedly
  • duffy reply you da real mvp alpha!
  • Severett000 reply I'm starting to get concerned with myself. I feel like I'm reaching stalker status. I follow Alpha on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and now VidMe... I just love this guy and can't get enough! My all time favorite dude!
  • mediaglitch reply Good to see you on here bro!
  • Rawman reply GREAT VIDEO ALPHA!!! good to see you here along with others like 8biteric and game sack who made me realise this site exists and it was definitely worth checking out. Great list, the hunters for me are especially one that freaks me out. i always thought they was the creapiest and scariest enemies of all time. I played this game from a kid and they was just the worst!!
  • PlanetPasta reply Our lord and savior has joined vidme. Welcome to the community :)
  • BiGEd5 reply Oh snap @AlphaOmegaSin is on Vidme Man!
  • JAC3DG33K reply Hopefully they don't try to censor you here like YouTube. Wondered why you haven't posted in months
  • SilentAssassin reply Awesome list Alpha
  • IAmMute reply Definitely on-board with this list
  • Nocturnal_Toothbrush reply I hope this site takes off.
  • BranTheLaw reply Fuck right! Glad to see you on Vidme!
  • THE70sMAN reply Just love those games what do you thing about the nr 7 soon ? ;) is it going to be a new NR 6 game haha Grats here from denmark
  • TwistedSyn reply Nice to see you on here @AlphaOmegaSin Keep up the great work man.
  • QuazzVids reply Oh hey man! Glad to see you here! Do me a favor and convince Boogie to get his ass on this website too! kthx bai
  • Soulofall reply It may be hard to stick to an alternative while seeing very few views etc but stick there Alpha. Don't abandon it after a dozen videos. As you said Youtube needs competition.
  • HalJordan52 reply Hey, just got the app cause I forget where I saw that Flater (We're number one Dank Edition) had started up uploading videos here and who do I see on the front page? Alpha(fucking)Omegasin, the man who I started following on Youtube last year and now following here. Hope you game the fuck on here Alpha
  • PixelPerry reply Seems to be a few gamers making the move here. Keep us posted man. Big fan of the channel \m/
  • fevermario reply A good video as always. Hope you have a pleasant stay here at Vidme.
  • downphoenix reply Welcome to, I hope everything goes well for you here.
  • Samanosuke2727 reply This is so mudda scary and amazing all at the same time.
  • Ruffsta reply New to VidMe
  • AlphaOmegaSin reply @mediaglitch Hell yeah man, same with you \m/
  • jackthegamer reply that awesome to see you on vidme too ! i actually am going to stick on both youtube and here for a fews let's play, if one side seem not to get anything better well i jump on either youtube or vidme
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