Xbox Scorpio Custom Hardware Is Delivering Impressive Results

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  • [ – ] KingFredrickVI reply I don't have any plans on picking it up but I am slightly skeptical of the 4K60fps benchmarks at the moment. Until we have demo units in the wild and several games for it then we can start talking. I'm not saying their lying it's just never a good idea to get super hyped until it's real. That's how No Man Sky happened lol. To be quite fair though, you don't need a $5,000 computer to run 4K60fps on most games. I'm sure a $600-700 2017 computer could easily run quite a lot of games at that. I do agree with you though that the people who have "$5,000" computers (the pre-build alien-ware computers with $2,000 worth of componients) actually do have no idea what they are talking about. It will be interesting how things pan out and I think it will be -really- good for the market if the hype for the Scorpio does in-fact come out to be true. Who knows, if it's priced reasonallbly, I may actually pick on up lol. I just wonder if it'll be like $500 - I'd only be willing to pay like $200 to be hon...moreest. I haven't touched my 360 in years and have only played the xbox one at Best Buy lol so. I'd rather buy a 1080TI than a Scorpio xD
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yes but it gives me hope that digital foundry delivered this info instead of MS themselves. And I was over exaggerating with the 5000 dollar PC just because most uneducated people do sound like that lol. However I disagree that a sub 1000 dollar computer can do 4K 60 on demanding modern games. Not even close haha. At least not in Canada I don't know what components the rest of the world gets for that price but we have a 3000 dollar PC that's good at playing DOOM at those settings but that game is very optimized.
      • [ – ] Bat_Bro1 parent reply My £500 pc can play forza 6 at 4k high/ultra settings at 60 fps and watch dogs 2 (which is a really demanding game) can run at 4k at low/medium settings at 40 fps. In the UK, the pc is the way to go. Consoles are still more popular as the xbox one s is £240 and the ps4 pro is £340. By the time the Scorpio comes out amd,intel and nvidia will have released a new batch of hardware(vega, ryzen 3 ect )
        • Canadian_Consumer parent reply That's pretty good. Wouldn't get that here. Not even close haha. That being said when Ryzen 5 and Vega are both out I'm thinking of building a new PC ;) But I bet Scorpio will still be a lot more optimized with the tweaks they made to the SOC, and because it's a console. Should be very exciting for both AMD and MS this year! Big things are happening and I hope Vega delivers
      • [ – ] KingFredrickVI parent reply I was talking about USD lol but I mean still. Okay, maybe a $700 USD computer wouldn't be able to play DOOM but you have to keep in prospective that I would consider that to be more of an outlier game. Check out SteamCharts and you'll see on the top 10 are games like CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, GTAV, Rocket League, Football manager 2017, Payday 2 - all games I'm *sure* that you could run on a 1070 at 4K60FPS ($375).
        • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Totally depends on the games I was thinking along the lines of AAA graphic pushers. But a lot of console players don't play half those games you listed right, so we need to keep that in perspective. If someone is expecting to play the latest big AAA games at 4K, the Scorpio will be the cheapest place to do so. I'm not saying Pc players should switch. But for console players I think it's a great affordable thing, and a better option in most cases than Going Pc IF the price is right and everything turns out to be true about performance ;) I love pC as well man, but if this is true it's a damn good deal haha.
          • [ – ] KingFredrickVI parent reply I do agree with you there! If you manly hang with consoles, Scorpio will 100% be the cheapest and best option for you if you're wanting to play 4K60fps (IF the price is right and everything turns out to be true ;) )
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply Of course you're right we will see for sure when it comes out and I will gladly eat my word if it's a shit show haha
    • KingFredrickVI parent reply I should have just made a reply video at the amount I wrote lol
  • Canadian_Consumer reply Hey guys, who's picking up a Scorpio? Also, yes this I reuploaded this because I swear every time I put something in the gaming category the views don't get counted but maybe that's just me lol. Just trying to diagnose that issue.
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