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  • [ – ] RobertEdwardJ25 reply Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is she? The most likely situation is that Jill Stein voters would have voted for Hitlery, and that Gary Johnson voters would have voted for Trump (while holding their noses). So wiping out 3rd Party voters would have HELPED Trump. I guess she's also wrong when she says "I'm not an idiot." Well, if you voted for Hitlery, yes you are ROTFLMAO
    • ShinobiYaka parent reply Hey Robert, thanks for taking the time to comment, yes when she said "I'm not an idiot" I missed a golden opportunity, not sure about the politics, but we get the same general attitude over here in relation to Brexit...
  • [ – ] Forestal reply So fuck anyone who doesn't agree with me, aka fascist babies like Laci Green and all other SJWs, ANTIFA, BAMN, etc...?
    • ShinobiYaka parent reply Hi Forestal thanks for the comment, indeed there was much wailing and stamping of feet, it got so bad it almost became enjoyable to watch in its own right... ;)
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