Leftypol vs 4Chan: The Intellectual Ass Crack of the Internet

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  • [ – ] BANANMANX47 reply shitting on leftypol seems like pretty low hanging fruit not worth a video; also I thought leftypol was mostly just pol larping anyway.
    • RockstarRepublic parent reply He's a content creator. Content creators like to create... content. Triggering LeftyPol on the side is just the icing on the cake. He also brought up the recent controversy over Rage After the Storm's video on genetic links to IQ and the Skeptic community losing their collective minds over it (a bit of irony seeing the hive mind mentality of a group of people calling themselves "skeptics").
    • winter__leaf parent reply i always thought it was larping too, because i figured genuine commies would be on facebook
  • CitizenShane reply I'm EXTREMELY dismayed to hear that they're coming after you, Pigeon... Who ARE these people? What have THEY created, to begin with? Much less, anything that "alt-righters" and "right-wing extremists" like yourself have come-after and tried to get shut-down?.. WE DON'T DO THAT SHIT. All these fucking assholes know how to do, is to destroy. They think, for instance, that defending black-criminals is somehow the same as protecting the black community; which is about the most racist perspective one could possibly have. Ironically, it's my personal belief that even White-Nationalist platforms would appeal more to black Americans at this point, than anything the left has to offer. As a White-Nationalist myself, I STILL refuse to believe that even the majority of black Americans are completely self-destructive people... I'd LIKE to believe that their communities are basically in a stranglehold, on-behalf of something like the criminal sub-culture you discussed in your video on the to...morepic. To see the way they're vitriolically coming-after you, SIMPLY for presenting the truth, is utterly-disturbing. Being a sometimes-ally of the "skeptic-community," I didn't even KNOW that Rage After Storm had been deleted... REALLY pisses me off. A smart, attractive young woman DEFYING the leftist-narrative of feminist victim-culture... with THAT kind of mentality pervading everything hip-hop, it's no-WONDER the black community is in so much trouble, here in America.
  • FroggieTheR0gue reply Frogs jacking off is a noble effort.
  • John_Doe_666 reply This is the first time I'm hearing about leftypol.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Kevin J Johnson reports on failed ISLAMIC attack on Canadian University in Ontario and Media Cover UP of the facts. Windsor Star Calls Kevin J Johnston To Accuse Him Of Fake News PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj9HU6Gp8QA Windsor Star Calls Kevin J Johnston To Accuse Him Of Fake News PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8bFP8re7Nc
  • Cait-eriona reply Murdock Murdock best channel there is
  • yuiopads reply I forgot /leftypol/ existed
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