Nintendo Switch: 1 Month Later | What To Think? | Chicknwings

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  • spiderfan_MJ reply I finally got my Switch recently and it has been fantastic. No hardware issues. BotW is an excellent game and 1-2 Switch is actually really good IMO. So far it has lived up to the hype. Personally, I'm curious to see what is revealed at E3 as well. I'm looking forward to NBA2K18 and I sure hope Maddeen 18 is on the Switch as both games seem perfect for the Switch.
  • KingFredrickVI reply I think I'm going to wait for the switch to go on sale to be honest lol. As much as I'd -love- to buy it the problem is I felt the same way for the WiiU and yet I have like 5 games for it lol.
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