The Simple TRUTH: Afgahnistan Opium Directly LINKED to Heroin Epidemic

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  • measl reply It's interesting that the "war on drugs" outcome in Afghanistan is EXACTLY the same as we had in Vietnam.
  • measl reply Your analysis is a little flawed - not totally wrong, but it misses a lot of the nuance. As a practitioner, I have a slightly better view of the current opiate nightmare, and it's actual causes. When I first started practice, prescribing an opiate - for anything other than major surgery or cancer - was a big deal. A really big deal. I literally couldn't do it, even if it was appropriate. Then, starting in the mid 1990's, fresh classes of doctors and othe practitioners were graduated with the completely erroneous idea that opiates were as safe as *aspirin*! Seriously, these people were taught that it was ALWAYS safe to write opiates, and that addiction was only "an extremely rare side effect"! Incredible! It wasn't until the medical field got hundreds of thousands of new opiate addicts minted each year for about a decade, did the FDA step in (finally), and try to put a stop to the madness. Unfortunately, the stopping of the madness (which really began in late 2008) is what fuel...moreed the sudden interest in heroin. People who were addicted to these drugs BY THEIR DOCTORS, were suddenly told by their doctors that they were being cut off. You tell an addicted person that their supply is gone, and they will IMMEDIATELY switch to what IS available: heroin. Cheaper than prescriptions, generally stronger, and EASIER to get - what would someone THINK would happen?
  • I3UTM reply So, in a way, we are supporting a drug trade. But here in America, we support a drug war. Am I missing something? Do I need to be on opium to understand this? lol
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