Ryan Moran - Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share

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  • adampapagan reply Who self identifies as a businessman?
  • TheKingofTV reply Bro, use some of that money to buy a tripod.
  • RobOReilly reply If you're only making $250K per year, you're not in the top 1%, not even close. If you're just talking straight income tax, the rich pay more. But the main problem is with capital gains, which the 1% pay a very low rate on.
  • SambaSchutte reply If someone took 65% of my snickers bar I'd be pretty pissed too
  • ErinAlexis reply Waaaa. I'm so sad for you. You can actually make a check out for that price. You poor thing, you.
  • evangreenberg reply This guy seems really bad at hiding his profits offshore and in shell companies
  • aerational reply Shut your whiney fucking mouth. Consider yourself lucky you have so much money. This is the fucking problem with the rich. Dude has more money in his bank account than most of us could ever dream of and he is bitching about taxes on the internet. Go get a factory job or work in a coal mine and ask yourself what you would rather be doing.
  • Ironmike reply Dude said it all. Government doesn't create anything or run anything dept efficiently. People are the answer.
  • crazyglitch reply Is he talking about personal taxes or business taxes? Oh wait never mind, businesses are people too. But seriously, I guess he learned his lesson about when to buy more stock for his business. I also love how he flip flopped about being rich to pay the business taxes. AND since it was his personal account would he actually use that money to hire more people? I doubt it. If bigger business and richer people didn't hide money we actually could support social programs. I do agree with paying for wars that we shouldn't be in.
  • CamBrexler reply Whoa that's a lot of $$! You should just write that on a publisher's clearing house check.
  • SackOs reply He makes a lot of good points which is why he will be ignored by the internets promptly.
  • duffy reply #richpeopleproblems
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