MonDI 17 using only Free things | Weekly Short

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply Are you conducting with mouse? Your mouse action made me smile. The sound without these "paid" programs sounded much different. I liked the paid, but I liked both... But I liked paid too... But I liked both!
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply I faced the same dilemma about the sounds! That tug of war thinking summed it up very well ;) As for that mouse... ...maybe... But how fun would it be if a notation program let you conduct your piece based on the movement of your mouse?
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply I think it would be hard to conduct with a mouse it'd have to be a dead one or else you'd get bit a lot!!! XD Then again if it were dead it wouldn't have movement in it so then there would be no notes :o Actually on a serious note it would be very hard to conduct with a mouse a baton has much more flexibility than the movement availability of a mouse on a computer.
        • cdnza parent reply Oh man, that thought didn't even occur to me. Actually made me laugh a 'lil bit. Can't believe you fit in two jokes about that XD Also, in response to your last sentence, decided to do a bit of computer conducting (w/ Notion). Instead of using mouse though, this was done by keyboard ;)
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