Subscriber Only Videos On Trending?!

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Great find. What happens if you click the video? And how comes can you see the thumbnail? This is not good. This does set a bad example you are right...if there is sub only content I don't even wanna see the thumbnail or have any idea about it because it's going to encourage people to spend money instead of them supporting a creator and it is going to make people feel left out.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply If you click it you'll get told you need to subscribe to watch it which makes it a bad thing. The video in question is watchable now since they apparently waited until the YouTube version was uploaded but honestly that annoys me in a different way.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Bro this is bad! Very bad! People are gunna be tempted to sun just to see content that is there. Imagine top 8 videos you had to pay to see. Changing it from sub only to regular after a limited time is also annoying... people are losing the plot! This was my issue with subscriptions when it was first announced.
        • SamEarl13 parent reply I know right, the idea that some people are treating Vidme not simply as an alternative but quite similar to shitty preorder bonuses aka pay to watch early really gets on my nerves. May put together a video about it actually.
  • DGTLONE reply Great video bro keep fighting the good fight. I was told to come here cause it was a'lot nicer for smaller channel creators and that the community is tight knit. Hopefully things change a little cause i got denied verification today because they said my videos don't have enough commentary in them . When none of my video's have ever been titled game play with commentary lol. Then they verify some guy with no vids and 15 followers idk doesnt look to fair from my end. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Trending i agree 100% with you. Trending should be the place newcomers can actually see what kind of content Vidme has to offer not tell them hey fill our pockets then you can watch us. Peace DGTLONE
  • MysticSword reply Yeah, that is a bit odd. A thought, maybe that User had that video open to all for a while, then after it got some up-votes decided to change it over to a Subscribers-only vid? Still, yeah, I agree. I don't think Subscriber's-only vids should be on the Trending page.
  • Sinistar_Aries reply Hope you're able to get some rest. Yeah, I'm not liking that they allow for sub-only content to be on trending pages. Maybe they can make a second just for trending sub-only content if they want it out there somehow. But I've run into a few of those myself. Very annoying.
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