Mauro Ranallo Getting Release From WWE Because Of JBL Bullying Him Is Vice Mchahon Behind it?

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  • WIDEAWAKEUNTILFOREVER reply Experiences With Youtube Community Guidelines Strike [2017] (Part One)
  • WIDEAWAKEUNTILFOREVER reply 🌚 This is the video i've upload on youtube on may 1st 2017 that end up having my youtube account community guideline strike at same time youtube have not yet telling me what is the main reasons why that certain video got hit with "violate content" and strike with insight details #SMH that video didn't have copyright stuff in it just pictures audio of my voice and brand new music i've produce recently smh (sighs) just another proof and evidence that youtube ain't youtube no more been like since YEARS AGO !!! it's time to bounce. ✌
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