Newborn Girl Found With About 100 Rodent Bites Undergoes Facial Reconstruction Surgery

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  • WeirdestNews reply This is so fucking sad!!
  • SeanShadowBlood reply I'm with ya on this one, those asses who call themselves parents (which to my views, hell spawns would be more like it) should rot in jail, they're lucky the town people don't get to dictate their sentence, if you ask me, death sentence is appropriate for those two. Some people just shouldn't have kids, I don't have children (thank goodness for that) and still I can't understand how the fuck they let that baby suffer for so long, it just defies all logic, it would be shocker if that poor baby doesn't get infected later on, last I checked, Rats pack in a handful of diseases... it's far fetched but let's hope the baby doesn't die of an infection.
  • TZReviews reply these people need to rot in hell
  • Anaokar reply And here I was worried we were running out of stupid, irresponsible people in the world.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Hate to judge a book by its cover but those parents seem like the type that merely forgot condoms like idiots instead of actually wanting a child. If I had my way they'd be thrown into one of those pits of snakes you see in movies.
  • tianaisold reply These parents are absolutely disgusting. There's no way these parents didn't hear the baby crying through that. Poor baby ):
  • Idlemind reply 15 days, seriously 😡
  • SINternetEntertainment reply I hope they never get that little one back. If you ask me they should that the baby to a different state and find her a deserving family. I think it they do this just that with all kids that thing happen the world would start being a better place. And for them two they need to fix them both so they can't have more baby to do this too.
  • UncleFishy reply Wow they better roit in hell ...the poor god ...
  • GAConyers reply I agree. There is nothing funny about this story. And the parents should be rotting in jail for this. I hope they are never allowed kids ever again.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It is sad that it is so easy for people to get pregnant and it is so difficult to be a good parent. Those two things just don't equal up. So many parents haven't grown up yet themselves and now they have this huge responsibility. It can be overwhelming. And the results can be like this story or worse.
  • marlarhouse reply Where is the "angry" button for me to click? These parents (and I use that term loosely) need to rot in prison for the rest of their lives.
  • MartyReactions reply It is hard to make a joke about these types of stories. It would not even come off as cheesy, it would just be a bad joke
  • ClaytonCarmine7 reply Straight up, this is f*cked up. Why just why? These parents are soooo stupid, they deserve to rot in prison or in hell.
  • mechriot reply That's awful, that made me sad :(
  • kirk_manson reply Really sad to think that humans like these two people exist
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