Do Frame Rates Matter!? - Rerez Talks

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  • [ – ] Cellprocessing reply Hey shane. Don't know if you really read comments here. But here you go. I liked the video and agree with most things. But feel I have to correct you on some points. I used to work in the hardware space for years. And part of that was in the gaming space. I can tell you as nice as the PS4 Pro is or Xbox One X. The technical reason for them not running destiny at 60 FPS is they really can't. The CPU's these things use are low power laptop CPU's from 2013. The reason for that is these consoles are System on a chip or SOC for short. SOC is great at saving costs. How ever the downside to them is keeping thermals under control with everything under one die. So if you are making a gaming console you need to levrage to graphics side or GPU. Meaning there is very little over head for the cooler in that form factor to dissipate heat for the CPU. And you just can't put a full size cpu there. They would be war with each other (heat wise) and thermal throttle one another. So you always keep on...moree parts heat and power cost why down. Many modern game engines do a full process cycle for per frame drawn. Really well written engines will use the CPU every cycle and not wait for the next draw call. But doing this can be a challenge to keep the CPU and GPU working in tandem. Games like Wolfenstien the new order and Doom did a great job of this for consoles. But with the large amount of Physics and AI going on in modern games. It can be challanging. The GPU could handle it. But the CPU just does not have enough over head to do so for most engines running on a draw call cycle. And a lot of these new consoles are using GPU's that for PC would be good 1080 or 1440p. But seeing the bottleneck on CPU horse power and lower FPS. They shift those GPU's to workloads that are not effect by CPU. That being higher resolution (4K) and better looking effects. With PC's running the CPU and GPU separate and on there own cooling solutions they can run more power hungry heat producing hardware that can just chew up the data and spit it out at a high rate and get that FPS. If would like to learn more. There is a video where we touch on this. on my vidme page. Love your content. And hope this in depth technical explanation helped. Thanks
    • [ – ] ImperiousFormula parent reply I liked this comment, if parts were a bit too technical for me to understand. I remember ReviewTechUSA saying he was nervous about the PS4 and Xbox being "maxed out" so early in their life cycles. I think he even predicted we would see a "New 3DS-like" upgrade for them halfway through. From what I understand of the upgrades, they're either not going to be enough, or not going to be fully taken advantage of. People were theorizing this would be the last "true" console generation, as everybody would either move to cloud consoles (which I hope doesn't happen, if/when it becomes possible) or move to some other method of gaming. I have to say, with the benefits of console over PC shrinking with every generation, and with consoles becoming more and more like single-purpose PCs, I don't know how to feel about that.
      • Cellprocessing parent reply Ya will be a tough call. I just stood in line for the SNES Classic the other day. It was awesome to hang out with such a cool crowd of people. Remember games and talking about stuff on the Classic we never played. But it did also feel like something that will be a thing of the past soon. Like arcades. At what point do we only meet online. Not just the consoles are dying. Or stores like GameStop. But the way things where. I will miss it.
  • SuTolias reply iirc switch runs worse docked, actually
  • [ – ] ImperiousFormula reply Does have videos in 60 fps?
  • jackthegamer reply to me, frames rate only matter if its stable, it doesn't matter if you can have framerate higher than my 30 or 60 framerate if you're is unstable, that's why i don't compare pc to console anymore, its not even at all, pc is the more superior techonologicaly wise but it doesn't matter because the pc is a machine made to work with more than just entertainment than console which make it different
  • [ – ] KINGOFNONSENSE reply Do frame rates matter? Thank god someone addressed this. Nothing is better than a well flowing game
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