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Something STRANGE Is Happening In America! You'll Never Guess What It Is!!!!!

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October 10 2017

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Something VERY WEIRD Is Going On!!!!! On the morning of Wed., September 27th, 2017, mysterious metal towers in downtown New York began to pop up at local tunnels, and soon enough they’ll appear at bridges too. Situated at the entrances of New York City's Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery, these metal towers have already sparked major warning alerts. Especially when Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials claim to know little about the towers — even though over $100 million has been funded into such secrecy projects. Interestingly enough, the MTA was founded by none other than Nelson Rockefeller, back in 1965. And, to make matters worse, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota claims that “the base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.” That means the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also has a hand in this… Not to mention how these towers could also include high-tech capabilities, including facial recognition — all for the purposes of what CBS calls: “anti-terror technology.” Another major event to note is the 45-foot statue of a naked woman that could be coming to the National Mall for an extended stay. Organizers of the Catharsis on the Mall event are trying to raise funds to transport the R-Evolution sculpture from San Francisco to Washington D.C. in time for this year’s event, scheduled for mid-November. So far, organizers say they have received approval from the National Park Service to have the structure on the grounds of the National Mall. It would stand next to the Washington Monument and face the White House. “R-Evolution is Deja Solis, a woman standing in her strength and power … expressing her humanity; how she feels when she is safe, when she can just be,” organizers said in a description of the sculpture on their fundraising page. They claim that the statue is meant to challenge the viewer to de-objectify women and inspire people to take action to end violence against women, and is looking to raise $90,000 to cover the transportation costs… The sculpture would remain in place for over 4 months, until spring 2017. But The Question STILL Remains… What Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR DECORATION! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — BECAUSE IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!! ALSO SEE — MORE Artwork In America, Featuring JUDGMENT?! LEARN MORE! Metal Towers New York CBS: /redirect? SN: /redirect? 45-Foot Woman Statue, Washington DC NBC: /redirect? USA Today: /redirect? Washington News: /redirect? Catharsis On The Mall (About): /redirect? Spying, Mind Control Tactics Intellistreets: Intellistreets (Catalog 2017): /redirect? Utility Camo: NSA (EFF): Wikileaks (WP): /redirect? NSA Spying (EVPN): /redirect? Equifax Hack: /redirect? Scientific American (Cell Phone Towers): /redirect? Project MKULTRA (Behavioral Modification, Mind Control, CIA): /redirect?

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