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  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour reply how did u got verified witou having 50 followers ?
    • [ – ] Gavinmation parent reply Just as an addition, you don't technically need 50 followers to get verified, it's just highly recommended, especially if you have a pre-existing Youtube channel as well helps. I got verified when I only has 2 followers because I just sort of mentioned vidme in an innocuous Tweet, and they must've gone over to see my Youtube, and thought they might as well verify me seeing as I was making stuff for so long and dedicatedly. So, that might also help. There are external factors they take into account, because they're actual human beings who evaluate users rather than just being a computerized checkmark system like Youtube uses. Hope this helps.
    • ComplaintsOfAnEnglishman parent reply Hello mate just thought i better respond so people dont think im some type of super hacker cause im not i still cant work a printer but i applied to be verified as soon as the option came out back then you didn't have to have any followers, also thank you for your kind words on your other comment ill try to keep it up :)
  • Iannis_Hour reply WOW nice ! I love your animations ! Keep Up !
  • [ – ] Gavinmation reply "I played in that ditch..." I really love your videos.
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