Garden update + I need to do some welding on my car

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Gardens look in tip top shape there. I'm already starting to see results here in Georgia. The green pepper plants have some small peppers already starting and the zucchini are a little over a foot tall with broad leaves on them. The strawberries have some green fruit on them but they keep getting eaten by the birds around here. Not sure what to do about that. Keep at it, friend. You'll have produce before you know it.
    • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Have you tried creating a protected zone using the bird netting?
      • theoldsparrow parent reply I have that around the fig tree. The strawberry plants even though they are fruiting are still not very mature so I don't want to shade them too much. I may let the birds eat the berries this year and net them next year.
    • countrymusing parent reply Thank you! It's awesome that you are getting some produce:) I would like to plant some strawberries and blueberries as well. They supposedly do very well in this area. Maybe a scarecrow for the birds...I am not sure what to say for that.
  • [ – ] FrostyGalaxy reply really cool video
  • roo3story reply Hi, there. How are you? I know this sounds dumb but listening to someone constantly using the word "finishing this" is SO refreshing. Your outdoors area looks heavenly. Hope all is well, with you. I guess I've been dealing with too many people lately, who just talk about doing things and never getting around to them. I hope to watch your garden grow. Is the weather working out for you, for all your outdoor projects? We had our first official bloody hot day yesterday. I opened the window in the upstairs bedroom to let the breeze come through. About an hour later, it went overcast; rained a bit, later. I come from Toronto; there is something about the weather here, in Winnipeg, that seems to balance itself out, so incredibly. I have never witnessed, so many times, a hot day ending with a thunderstorm; it's amazing. The neighbour's garden is starting to bloom. Watching things grow is fun! Good idea to replace the tomato wire stands with something stronger. Have fun Heather
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply You really have your work cut out for you! The garden plot looks nice. It's going to be full of life in no time! You are fortunate to have a good shed area to do your projects in. That salt really is hard on cars! How long does it take you to cut your lawn? You have a lot of lawn. Thanks for the update!
    • countrymusing parent reply Thank you. Yes there is always plenty of work to do! If I do the entire yard at once it takes up most of a day. There are a lot of areas that need the weed trimmer which takes more time. Usually though I only mow smaller sections of the lawn at a time. When we get goats that will cut down on what has to be mowed.
  • MyAbsurdum reply The last time my dad and I grew carrots were in foam containers. The soil wasn't deep enough for the carrots to properly grow and they were deformed.
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