ItsRaditz - When Clickbait Isn't Enough (UPDATE IN COMMENTS)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply @ItsRaditz ok... I see you. I see you... I think I owe you a nasty comment back after you left me a nasty comment. You are trash. Sam GREAT RECEIPT!!! Good work. Let me share this to Twitter and tag this guy. One last thing Raditz. Great work on giving "Big YouTubers" a good name.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Thanks, the fact someone thinks getting #1 Gaming channel on VidMe can be obtained like this is incredibly idiotic of them. It really is giving bigger YouTubers a bad reputation for being desperate.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply It's the most scum thing we have seen in a very long time here and we have seen some really scummy things. He fake accounted his fake video about generously tipping people which was fake positivity hahaha. This dude is faker than a certain woman on this site... It's not Drama because I didn't say Taras name... Oh god! I should delete my comment. (I actually did consider deleting that joke haha).
        • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Reminds me of the bad guys in Phoenix Wright games lol, they act all normal at first but as soon as the truth hits them they'll go all crazy and desperate :P
          • Rawman parent reply Hahahaa yes that is exactly what this guy is. This is the main reason I hate fake personalities in videos and false positivity. Because it's not who you are. Now I had extra time to think about why this is extra scum!!! Is he is using his "reputation" to acquire popularity. He botted his way up then uses his "reputation" to try keep up there. Also. I wouldn't be surprised if he was verified from his very first video. Perfect example of getting everything without earning it like a lot of small creators right now.
        • ELBADGAMER parent reply plastic bobbies are real :V
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Christ; just awful and damn frustrating. I don't think he'll be around for that long cause stuff like this is just going to catch up with him at some point and people will find out. This was great work Sam. Also, @DramaChameleon left a nice little shred of evidence as a present to the guy in his latest video if you want to go check that out.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Thanks, and I'll totally check that video out :D
      • [ – ] USUandS parent reply Soo I went back and it ain't there anymore. I think the guy deleted it, but here if you were curious lol. All credit goes to DramaChameleon for getting the screenshot
  • Voxgizer reply We have a VidMeCop and now the VidMeDetective! Great work. And, let's face it, I'm the #1 gaming channel on VidMe.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I came here from @itsOnlyRawman tweet. I saw his video in trending, but you know i didnt check out this twitter and YT channel. I appreciate that you took your time to make this video in 2 am for us. Not cool to tweet "lets be the #1 followed Gamer in Vidme" when he is new to the community and on top of that to use fake accounts. i hope people learn how to play fair and that people will expose you eventually. You should email this video to Vidme. I know he is literally only following my channel and likes my content, but you Sam and Rawman are right. I don't want to go hard on him, i think he still have time to redeem himself and promise to stop using Fake Accounts(unless he can prove it's not his) and to promise not to clickbait. This is not Youtube @ItsRaditz you can get to trending and get views without clickbait and fake accounts, I guarantee you that.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Well said!! I always believe in redemption. Everyone who does the crime should do the time then be forgiven (depending on extent and crime). We cannot ignore these people and the community have show TIME AND TIME again we will not stand for this trash! We will fight against these weasels and win every time!
      • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply Yes, whenever someone exposes you, this is a warning for the person to change and reconsider his actions (sucks that we have to wait for someone to expose until the person gets it) but still i believe in 2nd chances, but 2nd is enough. You don't want to be exposed a 2nd time, that's a red card.
        • Rawman parent reply Yeah I agree. People get desperate (typically struggling small channels). But you don't get extra chances.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply I do agree that he can be redeemed even if those fake accounts turn out to be true, it all comes down to how reacts to being found out. Also I totally forgot to email this to VidMe :P
      • Rawman parent reply Yeah email them. Also you need to express that the community are sick of this! We will not continue to be punked like this seriously. If we have to expose every sock account user we will!
  • [ – ] whako reply Glad to see someone putting this out to the public, not afraid to discuss what they see wrong with the platform. Good video Sam, shows you aren't afraid to expose those doing wrong.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Thanks whako, in my personal opinion I'd feel like a coward if I didn't do my part in pointing out something that especially after claiming I want to help out and be part of the community.
  • [ – ] ELBADGAMER reply well, maybe, only maybe, this "fake acounts" or "multi acounts" only be fans acounts, i mean, boys very very fans of this guy in youtube than only make acount (its acount or account? i dont know) for follow they favorite youtuber in vidme.. i say, maybe.. just need see the dates of creation of accounts.. if have the same date or near date of the call to accion video " why i leave youtube and go to vidme" may be a fanboys account.. but good job taking care of youtube boy!
  • SamEarl13 reply Update 06/06/2017: Other than the upvote account that he openly admitted to have (as seen here its likely the others are indeed not his but actually kids he's gotten to make accounts in order to follow and upvote in order to enter giveaways he has on YouTube. To me this is a far bigger problem and may need a video of its own (without mentioning specific people in it).
  • [ – ] Chippy789 reply Honestly, stop doing this and make people believe you. Itsraditz already said this was fake, and if you don't believe it's fake ask vidme. So um This person never did anything to you so stop being rude
    • Rawman parent reply So because he said "it's fake" it means it's fake. He actually was the one who gave a further confession him self in @DramaChameleon video comments unless he deleted the proof. Do your own research and think for your self. The guy manipulates his audience. He is smart...but he isn't smarter than the people who use this site. We with it was fake. But it's not. Sorry.
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