Magog Gender Biology 101

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  • [ – ] BadOPCode reply Is it just me or is it becoming more and more obvious that this SJW thing is a cult? "There is no proof that only two genders exist." sounds to me just like "There is no proof that evolution exist."
  • Rusty_Shakleford reply Hypothetically, if I punched this guy which hate crime would it fall under? Xenophobic because he's British, homophobic because he's a faggot, or ableist because he's retarded?
  • [ – ] releasethekeken reply if it can't reproduce, it ain't a gender lol
  • SirAdamantine reply Further proof that a British accent doesn't make you smart.
  • VoltaicFire reply Hey Magog, thanks for the video and whatnot
  • DarkQuark reply I thought the warlock gag was silly until my sides started aching from laughter. More please.
  • MackenzieBaph reply Dick not make baby. Vagina make baby. Lady without vagina cannot make a baby.
  • 4140 reply Every cell in your body is either male or female. And there is no proof of evolution only proof of creation and stacis
  • 3oddbits reply This fool has the worst circular argument I have ever heard. Is he just doing this as a gag?
  • Castielthesexyspacechicken reply I will talk to the Winchester about killing you when you get here Magog. I think I might be able to convince Dean to spare you. And with Crowley dead now maybe you can replace him. Shadilay Kek
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