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  • [ – ] EileenSenior reply Thoughtful analysis. Thanks, and BTW, followed Styx over here - suggest you consider collaboration and setting up a conversation when/if VidMe gleans live video capability.
  • Wilson_Report reply expand (possible spam) This whole episode reminded me how little I changed my life after the NSA leaks. After a while I took a "o well they have enough on me anyway" attitude. While the above is probably more than true, I recently resolved to end my association with Google and other big tech Giants as feasible. I'm using Brave until I find the ideal web browser. Switched to podcasts and vidme a while ago. Protonmail instead of Gmail. I spend most of my time on 4chan these days. (Post less often because of the captcha) Sorry for the blog post, but have an up vote for the great video.
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