Google Fires Diversity Memo Author-Wikileaks Offer Him A Job

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  • freerangehobo reply I don't know how the googelites can stand the daily grind of being offended, hurt or rebuffed. If suicide was out looking for a victim, it could do no better than searching through the snowflakes. I always loved the fact that women are women. As a male, I think that I would not be wrong in saying that we wonder what it would be like to be a female. I've even entertained the fantasy of switching sexes for a night just to experience that side of the female condition. But I never fantasized having my appendages removed to carry that out! While I love women being women, I also love being a man. There's no confusion here. For this reason, my world makes psychological, mental, emotional and physical sense. These other lost souls.........they must be happiest in constant conflict and reaffirmations. So be it.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply God is moving a cross the World setting people free from liars! Their minds will be whole again! People have realized they need God and only God is powerful enough to do anything about the problems people face in their lives every day!
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