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  • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll reply Hey Snob, what do you think abut Mothers' Basement newest video about Kakegurui ? Also, have you seen the comment section of this video ? Any interest to destroy the bullshit they say there ?
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply I agree with him, as he said the same things as in my first impressions. What did the comments say?
      • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Having seen NGNL, Kaiji, and i'm up to date in both the Kakegurui manga and anime. I completely disagree. Kakegurui isn't trying to be Kaiji. It's taking the gambling anime formula and turning it on it's head. There is no underpowered protagonist with extremely high stakes working to pay off his debt and live a good life. It's about filthy rich people with huge egos being crushed and ruined. It's about characters that are bat shit insane who cheat to make their living, and fall due to their arrogance. So no, it's not a good "Gambling" anime in the traditional sense. It's something completely different with gambling as a central theme. You're right, Kakegurui is a bad gambling anime. That's because it's not meant to be a gambling anime. It's a character study of Jabami Yumeko, among others. The point of the show is to learn about these characters and what they state about the nature of human psychology. Kakegurui isn't meant to satisfy anyone's gambling fetish. You know, it's fu...morenny. Things you've said regarding here, Kaiji does the same or similarly. For example, you said that the anime pretends to be a high stakes series when Kaiji is no better at that for the most part, really. Then you've said that no matter how absurd the bets get, it doesn't feel like that whatever she loses in the school is going to affect her that much since it's not even much to her actual net worth. Kaiji has a similar problem with this. His goal is to get out of debt, correct? No matter how many times he has won, he keeps falling into debt or is still stuck in it, making all of what he went through feel very pointless, and he never learns his lesson on the matter, either. And no one really dies in Kaiji either EXCEPT in the Human Derby, and that wasn't even a real gamble. Kaiji did lose his fingers and an ear, but they get reattached like nothing ever happened, so... Then you've said some things I can't even agree with as being true, as, for example, you've said that you never get the sense that the money doesn't mean much to Yumeko or practically anyone else when that's not even true, really, as it means VERY much to most of the other characters and mostly just not to Yumeko herself, but when going by this and saying that it is true, then the same could be said for Kaiji since he never really loses overall (except in one gamble, which is against Hyoudo). Not to mention that Kakegurui is not even over yet and you're already comparing it completely to a series that has not only have been over years ago, but already went through two seasons (manga-wise, Kaiji is super old and went through numerous seasons). Not only that, and the fact that Kakegurui is a shounen compared to Kaiji, a seinen, but Kakegurui really isn't THAT popular. Yes, it is the most popular of the season, but that really isn't saying much with what this season has to offer. So I don't really understand why you've felt that much to make this video. Yeah, I could have just ignored this video, but still, you've already said before due to understandable reasons that you've liked Kaiji over this, and now you want to make a video pushing that even more... ? Kakegurui hasn't even been out that long even manga-wise. Sigh, now this is even more of reason for people to not enjoy something that is at least decent for what it is by itself and will just compare and follow the bandwagon. :( This is why being too analytical destroys the enjoyment of watching anime lol. Just enjoy it, my dude
        • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll parent reply I usually try to be friendly when arguing with people but man... I have never seen so much BS in one comment section
          • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Yeah, they're pretty bad. Then again, did you have any illusions about how bad modern anime fans are? Your favorite gambling anime has a terrible Art style. I will never watch it. dumbfuck missed the entire point of the show. Its about how the main character goes about winning and discovering how the other players cheat. Its an anime of deception. Meh your videos are usually not bad but this one totally makes you sound like quite the little Cock Gobbler. Like deep throating the juiciest little veiny aid riddled cock with a smirk on your face type of cock gobbler. You're totally missing the point of the anime. It was hard to listen to most of this video because there was so much gurgling of chunky dick butter in your throat to make any points that were very relevant. But Kaiji is simply a bad anime. Sure, 10% of it is amazing, but the other 90% is the worst sort of filler; lines repeated endlessly, "dramatic" pauses that comprise over half of an episode's run time. It's p...moreretty bottom tier.
            • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll parent reply It is not the first time I see people defending a show they like with all they have. There is still the discussion whether MHA is good or not but even there, the arguments they use are not that stupid or retarded like we saw for Kakegurui. It feels like they are so desperate to defend the show that they pulled so much BS out of their ass because they could not come up with something better.
              • Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply The whole comment section seems like one huge damage control thread to me. People are just desperate to disagree with the slightest criticism, maybe they're taking it personally. MB even said that he liked Kakegurui. I'm a bit desensitized to all the fallacious arguments due to being a part of a more retarded community, but the lack of self awareness is still surprising. But hey, MB's audience isn't that of critical thinkers in the first place, so that' kind of expected.
        • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply It's the comments, not me.
          • [ – ] Natanahel parent reply Modern anime fans are like a caricature at this point, i swear i knew what this comment would say before i readed it.
            • [ – ] bastek66 parent reply Retro anime fans are condescending pricks.
              • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply At least we don't delete people who tickled our feelings from Youtube.
                • [ – ] bastek66 parent reply Are you implying YT staff are modern anime fans?
                  • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Did YT staff flag/report his videos?
                    • [ – ] bastek66 parent reply They deleted it.
                      • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Sure, they randomly decided to delete it out of the blue. Had nothing to do with an individual reporting his videos. If you care about the semantics of my statement, I'll reword it: "At least we don't report the videos made by people who tickled our feelings in hopes of those people being deleted from Youtube". At any rate, honestly, I think that both retro and modern fans have their ups and downs. There're just much more unreasonable easily offended modern fans than there're those among retro fans. Or at least that's what I consistently see.
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