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  • [ – ] YamiryuuZero reply Amazing! I really like your attention to details and how much focus you put onto the background! Splendid work! Just a question, though. Which program do you sue to record the screen? I've tried ActivePresenter to record my speed painting, but the program crashed on me (you can check the results on my channel, the resolution also wasn't very satisfying). I was thinking of giving a second try on my Cirno drawing, but I was afraid I would end up losing footage once again and decided to just draw without recording instead. I want to post more speedpaint videos, but I'm still new to it, so if you could point me at a certain direction I would appreciate.
    • [ – ] Yuunarii parent reply Thank you ^^ All the footage in the speedpaint was initially broadcasted on a livestream. For livestreaming I use OBS, which allows you to simultaneously record all footage while broadcasting. OBS is mostly used as livestreaming software, but it can also be used for screencapture ^^ Though from time to time I also use Bandicam (full version) to record some stuff.
      • [ – ] YamiryuuZero parent reply Thank you. I'lol try those two out. I forgot to say it, but I love your background! I suck at backgrounds and colors, so I'm really impressed. The manga I'm drawing on webtoons is a 4koma, partially so I can get away with not drawing backgrounds very often! XD I watched a few of your videos on Youtube and I liked your style. Glad you're on Vid.me as well!
        • Yuunarii parent reply Awww thank you ^^ Tbh I'm not the best with backgrounds either, as my perspective skills are still a bit off. Awww thanks. Yeah after hearing about the shitty situation on YT I decided to create an account on vid.me as back-up ^^
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Really incredible work! :D I love the atmosphere in the drawing^^
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