Traditionalism: It's Positive and Negative Aspects

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  • [ – ] American_Girl reply I have had this thought before, and you not only articulated well, but you where also able to substantiate your analysis with facts you seemed to have been able to grab out of thin air. Love you videos!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx baby, excellent episode and nice lighting ... encoding on vidme looks gr8
  • DankMcDreamcast reply Styx why haven't you made a video about the equifax? Over more than a half of America just got fucked. . .
  • Proud-Potatos-Perspective reply great show as always. :-)
  • [ – ] brian420 reply Government should be totally out of marriage and family law courts must also be ended.
    • MoonlitMonkey parent reply What about paternity and maternity? If that isn't somehow legalized, one or the other parent, or some third party could steal your kids...
  • nebulousmaximus reply I prefer the primordial concept of Tradition. I.e. not any particular tradition or doctrine but the universal patterns that inform on how a stable large-scale social order functions best.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply The best and maybe the only reason to stick with tradition, is following and adhering to the U.S. Constitution. Everything else is based on the laws of emotion. Not the natural law s of logic. Styx is right.
    • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard parent reply The Constitutionalist outset, sans the religious stuff, sounds good. Liberal outlook for our social sphere, but balanced with Republican values, Libertarian, some would call it; but to weed out Corporate Greed that is something else entirely- that would be a true fourth position, and it's possible to do. Socialism doesn't take people out of poverty, it is a stop-gap to avoid recessions; and I believe the fortitude to make your own way is actually a well-stated Anarchist position, even, if you really think about it.
      • Cynical-Bastard parent reply That is to say that the left are fighting, tooth and nail, their allies in the assault against the corporatocracy and Neoliberal/Neoconservative Attrition.
  • Rando91 reply I'm more of the transition from the articles of confederation to the constitution type of traditionalist.
  • Mauritian_Struggle reply Tradition isn't attempting to worship the ashes, but an attempt to rekindle the flame
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply We have lost our guidance, relying on Nihilistic outlets of the Third Estate, and Accelerationists, for the sake of Greed.
  • DarkQuark reply Tradition is how knowledge of successful qualities and abilities in how to make it in the world was/is passed from one generation to another. To disregard it entirely is to throw away everything that brought society to where it is. Most of the time reinventing social constructs just for the sake of rebuking tradition ends horribly and breeds out the successful qualities that brought us here.
  • [ – ] NickZNick033 reply Traditionalism, Styx? You're Abnaki ancestors would be ashamed. Call it what it is, an overarching and interlocking system of privilege and discrimination.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Huh? America was the first ever merit based economy... you clearly have no grasp of human history outside of leftist vlogs. You're way off. You wanna talk privilege and indoctrination??? Do you have any idea the reason for 1776??? Before America the ONLY way you had any type of decent living conditions was being born into a royal family or being in a situation where a royal family or oligarch had some use for you. Other than that, you were dirt poor living in famine and disease. American tradition is literally the opposite. If you're referring to slavery you are partially correct but millions of americans died to abolish it so you're off on that too; sorry snowflake... styx is right on the money.
      • [ – ] NickZNick033 parent reply 1776? Like I give a shit about the little declaration of independence from a bunch of genocidal slavers, I care more about 1492! My ancestors waged war with the United States and destroyed their armies numerous times, but hey, at least the USA has always been great at the tradition of killing defenseless women and children. If you want to call someone deluded, then look in the mirror to do it. Damn near every plot of farm land that this great American tradition was founded on, was settled land by another people and often protected by treaties. Then handed over to dirt poor living in famine and disease peasants, my bad...settlers. Please go on to tell me the "merits" of disregarding their own article six of the constitution to break "the supreme laws" of "their land." Until WW2, the USA wasn't much more than a petty regional power that was created through slavery and genocide.
        • Bonanny parent reply LMFAO!! You need a tissue?
        • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply Man, the 'whites' were the first to ABOLISH slavery, if you didn't know that. Seriously, it's a fact.
          • [ – ] NickZNick033 parent reply Abolition? Ha! I'm not black, I'm red. Lincoln didn't do shit for my people or pretend to as he pretended to for black people. "Emancipation proclamation," my ass. But he did order the largest mass execution in US history which targetted my people. Also, the Kansas-Nebraska act of the time basically amounted to the eminent domaining of hundreds of thousands of acres of land from my tribe. What did you wab nemoshok do with that land? You started killing each other on it. 😊
            • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply I'm just saying, slavery happens worldwide, and every race has participated in that type of immorality. Caucasians, as a whole, eventually wised up to the fact that it was immoral... While the mainstream pushes more and more moral depravity nowadays, we have still evolved in past centuries to a degree of higher moral standards, in many regards. But I think that has gone downhill in more recent times, and it bleeds out into what is pushed upon contemporary society as "factual history." History is being rewritten over and over again, you really have to dig deep.
        • MoonlitMonkey parent reply Defenseless women and children? Look at that, your a tradtionalist
    • Jimmietherustle parent reply Interlocking whatsa-whosits? Are you high, though?
    • [ – ] MoonlitMonkey parent reply You mean stable social hierarchy right?
    • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply Life isn't fair. People aren't born with equal skill sets and talents, it's a fact. SO let's just install communism and hold everyone with genius potential back, and encourage depressing normality and a lack of innovation. That would SURELY lead to progression! I love the communistic slave-mentality the state run universities push nowadays... AHHH......... god forbid
      • [ – ] NickZNick033 parent reply As Styx so often says, "we don't have capitalism. We have socialism." With that, meritocracy goes out the window and in comes cronyism and nepotism. My eyes are wide open, I'm not playing at fantasy football politics.
    • Bonanny parent reply Did your butt plug get stuck again? The corn oil didn't work this time? It's surely quite swolen down there from your mom practicing her fist fucking for work. Put some ice on it.
  • brian420 reply what are you drinking when you make your videos ?
  • JackDeplorable reply Sorry, I consider myself a Classical Liberal, and I find no common cause with the Left. Am I mislabeling myself? I didn't think so but you lumped me in there. :(
  • American_Devil reply Equifax? Please weigh in! :)
  • thehfgman reply I really want to know how Styx/Tarl is so knowledgeable about basically everything?
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Styx just has a naturally, highly above 'average' IQ. If you think his views are "ignorant" or (god forbid!) "stupid!" Then you're obviously an unalloyed moron. I'm sorry... I take that back, maybe you've just been indoctrinated and brainwashed. That might be the case...
  • [ – ] Vladanul reply 555 that does mean?
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