Lego Batman : The Video Game | I've got a riddle for you ;) Part 1

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  • HeroicVillain reply Watching this series backward cause that's just how I roll *begins watching* You think you're old because you played the Wii? lol I played the original lego, when they came in plastic buckets and were just little multi-colored blocks. *keeps watching* Yep, I'm definitely on my way to becoming Bruce Wayne with my mad coin picking skillz. *keeps watching* I like the way you say "Badies", sounds like Buddies. They're bad...but they're your buddies me. *keeps watching* "Uh huh, that's how you get up on it" "Sorry, Robin. I'm gonna have to do this solo" *smirks**keeps watching* Danny Elfman Batman cool *keeps watching* "Can't we leave a bomb here" - Batman bin Laden *Keeps watching* I swear at -10:00 it looks like Monty Burns is trying to shoot you. *keeps watching* -5:09 That dude has the best anxiety coping skills like none other *keeps watching* One does not simply hand cuff Clayface. Anyway, no whoever comes in after is going to know all the highli...moreghts without even watching. Don't worry, though, I won't tell them where that Heath Ledger cameo is. ;) ;)
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