E-Cigarette Explodes - AGAIN!

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  • [ – ] BeardedEdge reply First of all all electrical devices such as charges can set on fire due to faults. However with an ecig they will only explode when used incorrectly. If people actually knew how to use these advanced unregulated devices correctly then they wouldn't explode. These are all cases of user error.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply What?! there isn't really research into this, wow I didn't know that lol Cheers!
    • LloydandJD parent reply No longstanding research. Most research is funded by vape companies (starting to sound a little like big tobacco). Unfortunately the industry is highly unregulated, with lots of stuff being imported from China.
  • [ – ] SarahKellysen reply This is why I would only go with the paper rolled cigarettes.
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