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  • [ – ] Dazhkaclaire reply I'm sorry I haven't figured out how to reply to comments here! I just stalked your website, I should have done that first :D I love your work, I've never met an artist in your field before. It's really nice to meet you! :)
    • GeahkBurchill parent reply Nice to meet you too! Thank you for the kind words. It's funny to say; "my field" because it often doesn't seem like a career. It's mostly just me flailing about, desperate to find clients and panicking about paying the rent. Ha ha, it's more hap-hazard and accidental than anything that might be characterized as a job. :)
  • [ – ] Dazhkaclaire reply @GeahkBurchill that's so interesting, I love that kind of stuff! Thank you for the detailed explanation, too! Your job sounds like so much fun :D Do you normally work exclusively in theatre or do you make things for film and tv too?
    • GeahkBurchill parent reply I have done a lot of things for print ads. That's probably my biggest area of things I do. Mostly props, but sometimes I get to create costumes or puppets. The money in still photography jobs is better but I enjoy theater a lot more. The deadlines aren't as insane and the clients are better to work with.
  • [ – ] Dazhkaclaire reply Wow, he is beautiful! How did you fabricate the head and extremities, are they made of foam latex? (I watched alot of Face Off back in the day :P) Beautiful colouring on his back panel too, I'm all about it!
    • GeahkBurchill parent reply Thank you! The body and limbs are made from Filter foam (Somewhat stiff foam which allows airflow, made for vent filters) on a springwire frame. The head is made from my favorite material, Zote foam, which is a semi-rigid foam which can be shaped with heat. It's challenging to work with but is very light and resilient so I find it worth it. All the foam is then covered with various fabrics.
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