5 C's Of Survival - VidMe Tag Challenge - What Makes You A Survivor? Choose Your Five C's For Bushcraft, Prepping Or Survival

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  • survivalist reply expand (possible spam) Great video ,good choices. My poncho is the 58 pattern with central hood , looks like it is made of the same stuff. Your jute twine idea is great.
  • Lawborn reply Now I wish I had purchased a poncho like that.
  • bushcraftted reply good choices and well thought out
  • PREPVETUK reply A well thought out set of gear and system of being able to cope in a #survival situation. I cannot see a problem with any of the gear or techniques you would use. Its always interesting to see someone elses gear and thoughts, bounce around some ideas, now you've tagged me, you'll see mine....
  • Thornack reply The poncho is very useful! nice thing. reminds me of a German zeltbahn .
  • Paulie4x reply Say Heah M8, Yeah, I practice survival/bush craft almost every weekend and plus. Infact I just got back from one where I was testing my Fox Trekker Utility Camp and Sniper Knife and my Fox Hitam Golok. I wanted to know if two TactiKewl Knives would work in the bush. They certainly can. Yeah, 5C's is minimal. Thanx You for a lovely video. Thanx You.,,.p
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