Why You Should Not Breed with BPD Women

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  • gerrybbooks reply Not satisfied with firing employees who disagree with it's politically correct, one-gender dictates, Google is now censoring other dissenters. I've switched to Vid Me. How about you?
  • [ – ] perduta reply I too abandoned Youtube and promptly move anything they demonetize to Bitchute, vidme or dailymotion (depending on the subject). I've already been accepted for monetizarion on dailymotion and I use Twitter to promote them. If Google don't want our business I'm sure others will. #youtubeexodus
  • [ – ] Agathangelos reply Just to say I've joined up with vid.me to follow you here Paul, best wishes.
  • [ – ] Grumpy_Old_Man reply expand (possible spam) After watching h2h2's video and then this, it's that time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj8n78AuN3w&t=1s
    • perduta parent reply I wonder why this comment is greyed out as "likely spam" 🙄?! BRW, that's a great review of the advert double standards.
  • [ – ] Shrek6 reply Glad to see a new platform and you here Paul. I hope that those who own Vidme will show their appreciation to the large numbers of new members and much heavier traffic they are about to get!
  • [ – ] Partridge reply What Paul says here is absolutely spot on. For that matter, the same goes for all his other videos. He deserves our full support and financial help.
  • perduta reply as for BPD women.... Most of the women I know fit that category, but the craziest thing is that the <b>only</b> reason I ever got involved with them in the first place was that psychotherpists claimed they had cured me of "homosexuality". 🙄😬🙄
  • [ – ] borabosna reply Here is me, saying "something nice" as vid.me tells me to do so.
  • [ – ] micbanand reply now also following you here with Thanks :)
  • [ – ] Foxter reply For what it's worth Paul. I am right behind you. I have used your videos on numerous occasions to demonstrate the bias and prejudice prevalent against men, and they work. I have opened many eyes with your help. F*ck YT. We are winning the fight together. The signs are clear, and they will eventually have to move with the times or face their own 3 strikes medicine. Thank you so much for what you do for others. Fox.
  • [ – ] MattBerial reply Glad to see you on here Paul, welcome.
  • [ – ] Turbomhra reply Signed up and following Paul. Google and youtube are turning into the gestapo. Do not be silenced.
  • [ – ] Sam_Handwich reply I appreciate your work, Paul. Thank you for not giving up. If YouTube doesn't like freedom, I'm done with them.
  • PUNISHMENTTELEVISION reply See you in the gulag :)
  • [ – ] PUNISHMENTTELEVISION reply I don't see how this offensive to anyone in any way you stick to the facts the entire time.
  • AndrewLevin reply Switching to vidme, to avoid censorship of youtube.
  • [ – ] ChaniR reply Does Vidme have a low bar? I'm looking for the links and disclaimers you mentioned in the video. I know that you included them and it could be that I just don't know where to find them yet.
    • [ – ] PaulElam parent reply No, sorry. I just reuploaded the video as it was from YT. I will see about providing the links soon.
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