Tiger Woods DUI - IMPORTANT Detail Missed by All Major News Outlets

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  • tearitupbaby reply point is he was driving under some influence=dangerous and ANYONE should be arrested. Me .you or any famous person
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Back problems are no joke. It has basically ended his career. That isn't going to make him a happy camper. If there are other problems, like substance abuse, it wouldn't be a surprise. I'm glad nobody got hurt and the police were doing their job.
  • samiface reply People who have nothing to hide hide nothing. There is a reason why he denied the ba which tells you he was under the influence. You go to jail for dui you get a bond you pay the bond you get out of jail. Since it was early enough for him to still go to court at 8 or 9 he would get the bond quickly. It's not like they tested him and he was clean so they let him go.
  • SecInc reply Fame takes its toll on everyone. Its good his Father is not alive to see this mess he has let himself become. T/y
  • DrCut reply I knew it! Robin Williams is not dead. ;)
  • VukMUS reply Hmm, that is interesting.
  • Xorxon reply His left eye is positioned differently from the right. Maybe that gives him super depth perception and golf prowess.
  • Aaronshy reply Everything I watch there's a still hearable sound of it in my vids.......if I was better at editing I could edit it all out but it's just barely noticeable anyways. Also I don't like Tiger Woods much.
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