MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way W/ BrunchTimes

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  • [ – ] userXVI reply Lets face it, we are going to have kids, Just not with feminists.
  • [ – ] ANGRYMGTOW reply @BrunchTimes I'm one of the larger MGTOW content creators on YouTube. If you guys would ever like to learn more I'm here to talk
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply I appreciate your candor gentlemen but,... You're right about one thing, Women do not like the idea of your viewing of MGTOW content. The last thing they want is for you to find out how they skewed the gynocentric landscape to their favor over Men. I have a three part series called "What Women Don't Want You To Know" that goes into this bastardized version of gynocentricism in depth.
  • ANGRYMGTOW reply A quick explanation for you guys, MGTOW isn't a movement and it isn't political in anyway. MGTOW are choosing not to marry, have children (through the traditional sense) and instead focusing on themselves and their own happiness. MGTOW is just another name for the classic life long bachelors. The label MGTOW has been around since around 2001 however the concept of MGTOW has been around for since the days of Ancient Rome. MGTOW is a philosophy and a framework for living a better life as a man. Every MGTOW decides how to go his own way, meaning some MGTOW still date, while others may choose not to. Some MGTOW are liberals and some are conservative. We aren't a cult, and we aren't all in agreement with each other.
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