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  • [ – ] mythicalgryffn reply "Dipper, why do you have a grunkle Stan voice?" "BECAUSE MY BALLS FINALLY DROPPED"
  • Melty_Mel reply I left you a little tip to buy some lunch. And from the sound of things $5 is more than you make in one day from youtube. <3 u bree! Keep being my favorite content creator.
  • [ – ] Berry_Goosey reply Huh. VidMe isn't too shabby! Hopefully this works in your favor, Bree. Also, Mike's new player avatar scares me. I miss him when he was a winged horse :(
    • Berry_Goosey parent reply So, depending on how lenient vidme is about swearing, I sure do hope your next few videos on here have 10x the amount of cursing. Swearing is funny to me, because I'm secretly still a 10 year old.
    • MikeMine2002 parent reply Yeah, vidme doesn't feel too bad, it actually feels almost better than YT. Only 2-3 things I don't like or feel missing. Is being able to change video quality (idk if the web version let's you do it but in mobile you basically see it 1080p 60fps), 2, maybe the thing like in the mobile version where you can play videos and still be able to search other stuff, but yeah. Not bad.
  • MikeMine2002 reply I'm glad you can find a new starting point for your channel, and I loved the video, and you, and everyone you have brought to my attention but seriously. 2 things. #1 You all are awesome. I love you all from the bottom of my heart and I wish I could meet all of you beautiful people and give you all a big hug for everything you've ​done for not only me but for thousands of people. And I'm glad I can be part of this. And #2 I can't change quality settings so I have to wait for buffers while I watch so f me. But still Love y'all ❀
  • [ – ] nodetact reply Breezy literally did everything to be a legible content creator except engage with the community which he/she (I swear its the evidence versus my beliefs when it comes to gender and willpower at this point, and no I won't loose it if I do realize that 'kuledud3' is actually not a teenage brunette like Sugarmist but instead a twenties guy like myself) ONLY DID with her one singular wisecrack aimed at Xycron's apology video which I believe they easily get him to go back and forth between professional material and meme leisure's most likely because he was really that open about anything unlike his dependably reasonable point of view that still was biased in a way not quite because of how he uprooted YouTube but because of how he dismissed Vidme. But anyways, all I know is that I will get instant butterflies if Bree is the latter female because based on the only things I have seen from this content creator on various websites (that was used either under the kuledud3 or BreezyButt usernames...more) it's interestingly mysterious for people like that to enjoy themselves but also be open to the possibilities without stressing out too much on a refined identity like I tend to do sometimes. And that's why all these dumb videos actually help: If it's not a hopeless romantic for sharp gals like me, it's a dank crapper like you folks could very well be! Otherwise, Gmod on... ;)
    • [ – ] BreezyButt parent reply I interact with the community on Twitter quite frequently. It's just my YouTube channel I distance myself from, interaction wise. Mostly because the community is so large it's hard to keep up with, and often too saturated with mindless nonsense to bother attempting to make an effort. I should probably make it a point to interact on Vidme more. It's calm, easier to follow, and generally community reception is very nice ^^
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply And soooooooo without truly being a weirdo, you really are a silly guy with a "kinetic" feminine voice and blue-brown haired OC pony... Right? Because like I said its even some of the little things that I notice that inspire me, so for instance with some of the random yet charismatic videos that you tend to produce I am always justifying what they mean to at least myself, why they helped, and then the throw in of being infatuated at a fucked up "I ship them" ideal that will easily spread as soon as I content create myself whether my fans know I am a guy or assume that I'm really an eloquent and sweetheart girl- same story for you, I suppose... >~<
        • [ – ] BreezyButt parent reply Haha, I take it you've not seen my twitter. Definitely a girl~
          • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Aww whaaaaat?! But then why do your thumbnails for your old channel kuledud3 seldom if they ever have a face reveal have... A fake male you? Your boyfriend? Xycron's best bud? I digress. My point is, even if I do come across as some diehard creepo, I doubt that you would distance yourself from not-so-ordinary Vidizens as myself in the meantime. It's honestly funny because a lot of the time the platform is filled with so much love we might as well treat it like its romance lol. But yeah, I just got fascinated by your risk taking, Lincoln Loud/Greg Heffley escapist, self explorative personality, and yet I don't have to signify you as "that spirit maiden" just to see value in you because even dank memer's are special people- but in a good way, not the mental kind rofl (<-although I should tread lightly with this if I can considering my high func' autism but otherwise no offense to myself)
            • MikeMine2002 parent reply Also Robin is Bree's boyfriend.
            • MikeMine2002 parent reply She is male to female trans. That's why she on old videos is a male. And just in case you don't know transgender is when someone identifies with the opposite gender they are so the ones that can have surgery made to become who they feel more comfortable as. Some aren't that lucky and have to live by who they are.
  • mr1van reply Mabel is gonna womp Dipper for getting her pig killed.
  • Tharen reply I Love Gravity Falls so much!
  • SpeedyGaming reply I love it! Haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Murkiemoo reply Oh look Vidme.. i love it as much as this video's comedy
  • Snootle reply My sides are hurting, hahaahahahaha
  • Green_Smoothie reply I made this account just to watch this video... this platform is pretty great.
  • xJoley reply Man, it sucks how people actually have to move website just to continue their job... I hope works out for all content creators since they work extremely hard on their videos and to have there money cut is stupid. I hope everything works out Bree!
  • TheMuteButton reply That scream never gets old πŸ‘Œ
  • Watersurf reply Should I watch gravity falls to understand this? Yeah I never watched it, fite me.
  • Felserker reply This Dipper...
  • TheOneAra reply Bill, I'm not sure if I can handle anymore your tomfuckery
  • SirNigelCogs reply Quite the majestic adventure.
  • [ – ] TroyRedstone reply Does YouTube copyright work the same on Vidme?
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Woah, your comment appeared in a snap! As far as copyright there should be on Vidme an expanded Creative Commons system just like how they do with the one on Vimeo, only unlike either YouTube or Vimeo we definitely have a lower takedown of videos rate on over here (with zero censorship being alongside this). If I'm mistaken then just message some of the developers for the very site, not limited to @duffy! C:
      • [ – ] TroyRedstone parent reply alright, thanks. Gee, this is sure better then youtube.
        • nodetact parent reply Figured that much when compared to a platform like Vidme that rewards originality (but doesn't force certain kinds of content either) from its Vidizen content creators, albeit the idea behind "Vidme Exclusive" kind of concerns me - especially when it comes to Bitchute!
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